Friday, 16 October 2009

Tena Lady / Netdoctor bladder weakness campaign - free samples and competition

Well, with all my recent reviews of nursing bras that frequently mentioned leaky boobs and breast pads, it seems quite fitting to blog about a campaign based on other leaky bits often related to pregnant women and new mums !!

As the experts from Tena say, "Suffering from a weak bladder is a bit of a sensitive topic and something most of us prefer to keep to ourselves. But it could be a comforting thought to know that it actually affects 1 in 4 of women (and 1 in 8 of men) at some time in their lives. It can happen at any age and can worsen whilst doing sport activities.

A large number of women suffer from bladder weakness caused by a weakening of their pelvic floor muscles. This is most common during or after pregnancy and also whilst going through menopause.

If you or someone you know suffers with bladder problems and are interested in trying out products designed to help, have a look at the Net Doctor's website. They are currently carrying out a study together with Tena Lady aimed at increasing the awareness of incontinence and its effects on women.

You can also get tips and advice about how a few, simple lifestyle changes can make a positive difference! Visitors who meet the requirements of the study can receive free samples or a 50p off the price voucher. Furthermore, all participants are entered into a draw to win £200 worth of M&S vouchers!"

If I tell you that in France they offer to send new mums for ten fully-reimbursed sessions with a physiotherapist who uses a probe with an electrical current to tighten things up "down below", it might suddenly make talking about Tena seem less embarrassing !!

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