Friday, 16 September 2011

Guardian Launches National Book Swap With 15,000-Volume Giveaway

The Guardian is launching its six-week autumn books season by setting 15,000 titles free in the wild this weekend.
From fiction to design, and children's books to science, the Guardian has gathered thousands of books from publishers and authors and is distributing them around the country for free. Books will be left in public places where readers are liable to chance upon them, from stations and coffee shops to galleries and museums.

As well as going out book-hunting, you can take part by choosing your favourite book, adding a recommendation sticker (which will come free with the papers on Saturday and Sunday,or can be downloaded online) and then leaving it for another book lover to find. Details of where the books have been left can be found at at or on Twitter (#guardianbookswap). The bookplate sticker asks the finder to upload a picture of the book where they found it, and to read it and review it on

If you love the sound of this, be sure to check out Bookcrossing too, which is an ongoing international "book release" project.

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