Thursday, 28 June 2012

Want to try Ainsley's Couscous for free ?

You may have seen that I've been roadtesting some of Ainsley Harriott's World Kitchen products lately - we've so far reviewed the Chilli & Lime Flavoured Quinoa & Basmati Rice , the Lentil Dahl and the range of Couscous. As well as being really tasty, they're also dead easy to prepare. so they're a great store cupboard stand-by.

If you fancy giving them a go, at the moment every person who ‘likes’ Ainsley Harriott Foods on Facebook will get a free sachet of their favourite flavour of Cous Cous.

Head over to and click on "Like Us Try Us". Let me know which one you opt for and what you think of it !

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  1. Thanks!! My husband is a big fan of him. I choose a veg one. will let u know.


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