Saturday, 10 November 2012

Calling all Soup Monsters !

One of my favourite things about chilly winter evenings is ... no, not raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens or brown paper packages tied up with string ... it's sitting down with a lovely steaming bowl of warming soup and a chunk of still warm, crusty, home-baked bread. Madhouse Daddy Mike makes a cracking vegetable soup but when time is short, we also love working our way through the ever changing line-up of New Covent Garden Soups. They always have a new Soup of the Month to try and this month's sounds utterly delicious - Bean and Bacon Warmer. Yum ! I'll definitely be looking out for this one in store.

Here is the bowl of utterly deliciousNCG soup that I tucked into earlier in the week. Madhouse Daddy Mike warmed it up and threw the carton away before I could see which one it was but I'm pretty sure it was Mexican Chilli Chicken. Perfect for keeping chills at bay (and low calorie too - half a carton only contains 186 calories). 

Next week, from the 14 – 16 November (12 midday – 8pm), New Covent Garden Soup Co will be giving out free soup from a larger than life version of their iconic soup carton with a giant ladle slide attached. The giant soup ladle slide will be located in the main market area of Covent Garden, so you won’t be able to miss it! All visitors will not only get a free ride down the 20ft slide (if you’re brave enough!) but also get to sample some of New Covent Garden’s delicious soups. You might want to wait until you've been on the slide before eating the soup though !

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  1. My hubby is soup obsessed. I shall have to mention this one to him! x

  2. how lovely does this soup sound! Cant believe how little calories are in it, it looks so rich!


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