Friday, 8 February 2013

Bloggers, unleash your Social Verve with Sverve !

Lots of people - and definitely most bloggers - spend a lot of time on various social media platforms sharing content, networking and flagging up blogposts and articles that they find interesting. There are so many different channels out there that it's hard to know where to start - Facebook and twitter are the obvious ones, but Google+ is coming on in leaps and bounds, as are Pinterest, Triberr, Stumble Upon, Networked Blogs ... Then you have the rankings and ratings sites - you can choose from Klout, Kred, Technorati, ebuzzing, ... the list is endless. You get a few like Perks (and occasionally Klout) which throw you the odd freebie to reward your score/compatibility with some random profile that they're looking for or the blogger-oriented ones like Tots 100, Foodies 100 or Blog Match who offer review, giveaway and special event opportunities to selected bloggers.

Well, I have found another new one to tell you about - but before you all start to groan and say you've got enough to deal with already, I have to say I'm impressed so far, because it seems to combine all the best bits of the previously mentioned sites and schemes.

Sverve invite you to "unleash your social verve" and define themselves as a "place where Mom bloggers meet Brands and Readers". Yes, I know, you saw that "o" in Mom and think you're not eligible as a UK blogger, but I've had a look and there are already some non-US bloggers on there that I recognise and it looks like it could work really well for everyone, wherever they are in the world.

Just like Pinterest, you can flag up your - and other people's - blog posts (called "tips") to get them seen on the Sverve platform. As other users like, share and favourite your tips, your score will increase. You also get to pick five areas of "expertise" and people can endorse you in each field, again helping your score to rise.

And, in the words of Bruce Forsyth, what do points make? Prizes !! Well, kind of. The section that Sverve has on top of what most of the other social networking sites offer is a job board, offering review opportunities and sponsored posts, as well as actual freelance blogger jobs and spots for paid guest bloggers. Your endorsements and score will help you be picked for the jobs that you apply for.

It's early days yet - I have only shared a few posts and I haven't asked any of my followers to endorse me, which is what they suggest you do, so I have a score of zero and very few endorsements so far (feel free to look for me here and endorse me if you sign up and I'll do the same for you !). I've discovered some fab reads already and I love the fact that you see bloggers from all over the world and from all niches - it all seems a bit incestuous in the UK blogging world sometimes with the same faces popping up in the same places, so this is a great way to broaden your readership and find some lovely new blogs to follow !

When I get a chance over the weekend, I'll be looking for lots of new Sververs to follow so drop me a comment if you're on there and I'll look out for you :)

for more information :

Disclosure : As a nice little bonus, Sverve are currently running an affiliate programme where you can earn $2 for every new blogger you invite over and who signs up, gives their blog url and adds areas of influence. Obviously, I'd love you to all go over and sign up using my link !! Funnily enough, I'd already started this blogpost when I spotted the post on their campaigns page though so I'm not just saying nice things about them to convince you to sign up, honest !

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  1. I'm on there. I've not done much yet but it's good for finding interesting articles.
    The job and review board so far is all US as far as ive seen though. Will be interesting to see if that changes.

    1. There are a few that say they're open anywhere, but not many - what's your name on there? I'll go and look you up :)

  2. I have seen a few tweets from them. I keep meaning to go see what its all about! Sounds good, will go take a look later

  3. Oi, don't know if I want yet another social media platform, all the others take so much time already. But I'll have a look, just to get an idea. Thank you! xxx