Friday, 16 May 2014

Show your dad you care with a ‘Dad-ication’ and a free razor !

I'll add this to my freebie roundup tomorrow morning but thought I'd mention it here too in case you're off out before my post goes live !

In celebration of dads up and down the country, Wilkinson Sword has announced the launch of a ‘Dad-ications’ booth, giving an opportunity for people to share their own dedication with a dad related theme, for example to tell the nation (and their dad) exactly what he did to smooth things over for them in their time of need.

The pop-up video hub will appear in the heart of London’s Southbank on 17th May between 10am and 4pm. Those that take part and pledge a ‘Dad-ication’ will be gifted with an engraved Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor to reward their dad – designed for the most demanding of men who are looking for a high performance shave and quality skin care from their razor.

This follows on from a Wilkinson Sword study which finds that Brits are still stiff upper lipped, with one in four feeling too uncomfortable to say ‘I love you’ to their dad

- Nearly half of all Brits (49 per cent) only greet their dad verbally when they see them
- 44 per cent admit to not always saying thank you to their dad when he has helped them
- 43 per cent think they should probably say ‘I love you’ more often
- 61 per cent regularly borrow money off dad

Social media is also impacting how we communicate with dad, with 16 per cent opting for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a way to chat. In terms of how time is spent with dad, most of us (47 per cent) state watching TV is how we catch up with him.

When asked how dad has helped out over the years, it seems that he is viewed as a never-ending cash supply with 61 per cent of us regularly borrowing money from the ‘Bank of Dad’. Other ways dads are likely to help smooth things over include:
- Being there when his kids are feeling down (49 per cent)
- Giving career advice (39 per cent)
- Picking his kids up from a party (38 per cent)
- Giving sex and relationships advice (6 per cent)

If you're in London, head on over, show your dad how much you care and grab him a free razor while you're there !

For more information, check out their Facebook status here.

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