Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fancy a totally free Box of Awesome or Box of OMG ?

You've heard about monthly beauty boxes and you've heard about foodie box subscriptions, but now your teens and tweens can get in on the action and enjoy the magic of receiving a box of random surprises through the post too. We were recently approached to discover the wonders of the Box of Awesome and the Box of OMG which are free bi-monthly boxes, delivered straight to thousands of homes across the country. If you're wondering why they want to send out freebies, their aim is to help brands connect with kids. Each box is full of fun kid-oriented goodies, including a book, trading cards, toys and accessories. Obviously, the idea is that you keep buying them after you've discovered them in the boxes !

Here's the mega Box of Awesome that we received. The kids were instantly attracted by the bright colours and funky packaging and there were lots of appreciative oohs and aahs !

Once we'd unpacked everything, here's what we had : Haribo Starmix sweets, a Hank Zipzer book, football cards, a Soccer Sucker, a Zomling, an Urban Outlaws book ... plus lots of stickers and leaflets detailing more great offers and competitions that you can enter. Pierre loved the football-themed goodies and the sweets and he passed the books on to his big sister. Check out the Box of Awesome blog and Facebook page to see what you can win. They have some fun challenges including making something from the orange paper used as packaging in the box, and you can win points to enable you to get guaranteed delivery of the next box.

We also received a Mega Box of OMG, which seems more targetted to slightly older girls. Both 9-year-old Juliette and 12-year-old Sophie found things inside that made them squeal !

Here are the contents unpacked - Michelle Harrison The Thirteen Treasures book, Kate DiCamillo Flora & Ulysses book, Skwooshi modelling mousse sample, Moshi Monsters, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty stickers, Haribo sweets, Despicable Me wristbands, stickers ... I didn't dare tell them that there were One Direction fan cards in one of the previous boxes !

Again, keep an eye on the Box of OMG blog and Facebook page for more deals and competitions.

You can join the Box of OMG and Box of Awesome List for free and boxes are randomly allocated to lucky members. If you prefer, you can become a paid subscriber for £4.99 per box and get guaranteed delivery. There is also a free digital version of the box that everyone can receive with online codes and downloads to enjoy.

It's a lovely idea and £5 every two months won't break the banks, even if you decide to go for a paid subscription. I actually think it would be a good alternative to pocket money, or a great birthday or Christmas gift if you subscribe for the whole year.

Disclosure : In order to write an honest review, we received a Mega Box of Awesome and a Mega Box of OMG - these are exclusive, limited release, upgraded boxes that are bigger than the free boxes and that you can subscribe to for £4.99 per box.

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