Monday, 30 June 2014

In honour of multi-tasking mums !


Depending on who I'm talking to, I'll say I'm a mum-of-three, a teacher or a blogger. Somehow, I have to find time to fit all three of those different roles into each day, so I feel like I'm Worzel Gummidge sometimes. "Where did I put my blogging head? ... I need to swap over to my teacher head ... Oops, I need my Mum head now !"

I'm not a Supermum though - I think all parents are like this these days. The software development company behind new mobile app ScanWritr certainly understand this, as their cute video shows.

The video raises the issue of technology helping us over-stretched parents in our day-to-day lives. When I was growing up, parents were often scolded for using videos and DVDs as baby-sitters. I think these days, most parents, if they're honest, will admit to using tablets and smartphones to keep their kids entertained while they're busy cooking dinner, making an important phonecall or hanging around in the doctor's waiting room. At least they keep kids actively involved and there are some great apps out there that manage to be educational as well as fun. Let's be honest though, Angry Birds and Candy Crush are great tantrum-busters and whinge-stoppers so who cares if they're not educational ?! Facetime and Skype are also fabulous tools - putting in a video call to nanny and grandad allows them to be remote babysitters while you're otherwise occupied around the house !

Anything that cuts corners and saves time is always welcome in a busy day, so I actually really like the idea of the ScanWritr app. I can see how it would be extremely useful as both a teacher and mum, avoiding wasted time at the photocopier or scanner. It allows you to take a photo of a document and instantly transform it into a pdf document that can be emailed or faxed, but that is not all - you can also edit it, digitally sign it, clean it up, as well as store it in your account for future use. That sounds really handy to me.

If you fancy giving it a go, I have a whole bunch of codes that you can use for a free download :
- For Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry users: the code for a free fax token is: “SCANWRITRFREEFAXTOKEN”. There are 1000 codes with a total value of $990, which can be redeemed until 15th of July or until the 1000th was claimed. The tokens can be redeemed within the app – no purchase of any kind is required, since you can download the free version of ScanWritr app.

- For iOS users: I have 100 promo codes for ScanWritr Pro on iOS (premium version of the app, which otherwise costs $3.99). Each code can be redeemed only once. Instructions on how to redeem iOS promo codes are accessible at: Leave me a message if you want one.

Disclosure : Written in collaboration with ScanWritr.

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