Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tesco launch new My Fit Lifestyle range with free lunch offer

Tesco recently carried out some research on mealtimes which revealed that :

 - Over half of people spend 25 minutes or less on their lunch break
- One in five people take five minutes or less for breakfast
- Six out of ten of those questioned eat their meals either on the go or at their desk
- Approximately 30% admitted that lunch is their unhealthiest meal of the day
- For those who work during meal hours, nearly 80% agree that it is easier to eat healthier when at home
- 45% of Brits admit it’s difficult or impossible to stick to a healthy, balanced diet
- 77% of Brits admit to eating less than the recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day

I can totally relate to all of that because most of it, especially the bit about lunch at work, applies to me ! To help make it easier for people who want a healthy option for lunch on the go, Tesco has launched a brand new healthy eating range called My Fit Lifestyle. The bad news is that it is launching initially only in London, but I hope it will soon be rolled out nationwide because it sounds great. Building on a new and emerging trend in the US for personalised eating plans, my fit lifestyle zones will be created in Tesco stores and, with products colour-coded according to five different calorie bands. They will also be able to count their calories on Tesco’s Health and Wellbeing website and app.

Karen Tonks, in-house nutritionist at Tesco, said: “Each of the meals provide two of your five a day, so whether you are aiming for short term weight loss goals or a long term lifestyle change, the my fit lifestyle range, Tesco health and wellbeing website and app are there to guide and support customers. It’s flexible too, so you can follow a complete meal plan or just balance out an indulgent weekend. The range has enough variety to deliver all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle.”

The range includes the following meals:

All Day Breakfast Bacon
With diced potato & onion, sweet cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & tomato sauce
Super Food Salad
Lightly dressed beans & lentils with spinach, beetroot, broccoli & roasted Vegetables
Creamy chicken
With colourful medley of peas, broccoli & carrots
Moroccan Chicken Wholemeal Flatbread
With a pomegranate yogurt dressing
Mediterranean graze box
Baked falafels, super food salad, chilli spiced broccoli & edamame beans with yogurt dip
8 vegetable bean stew
A light vegetable stew loaded with butternut squash, leeks and green beans
Baked Chicken and chorizo quesadillas
Baked wheat & Maize pastry with a chicken, Monterey jack cheese & Chorizo filling
Asparagus Pea & Spinach Risotto
Made with carnaroli rice in a creamy white wine sauce

The my fit lifestyle eating plan has five easy steps :-

1. Sign up at
2. List your goals and Tesco will build a plan to match
3. Choose meals to mix ‘n’ match to fit your plan
4. Shop - you’ll see every product in the plan displayed on screen with the option to mix and match them or pop them straight in your basket (ready for delivery to your door or through Click and Collect), or buy from your nearest store
5. Progress check- Use the Tesco health and wellbeing website and easy-to-use app

More great news if you're in London - I'm jealous ! To mark the launch of the new range, Tesco is offering hungry, time-poor Londoners trying to navigate their busy lives and the city a free trial of the range via Ride ‘n’ Dine, a FREE London restaurant-on-wheels pre-booked taxi service, starting on Wednesday 18th June and running for five days. Passengers will be offered restaurant quality service and menu options from the my fit lifestyle range while travelling to work, meetings and around the city. How cool is that ?!

Even if you're not in London, Tesco are thinking of you and your waistline. To give customers even more help to make healthy choices, earlier in the year Tesco trialled free tours with a nutritionist in Extra Stores across the UK. Designed to help health-conscious customers find out more about healthy food options, the trial is now being extended to 19 NutriCentres across the UK. Last month, Tesco also became the first major retailer in the UK to remove confectionery from checkouts, to help shoppers make healthier choices and avoid being tempted at the tills !

- To see the full range of meals, snacks and drinks and for more information on the FREE healthy eating plan, go to

· To book your FREE journey with Tesco’s restaurant-on-wheels taxi service Ride ‘n’ Dine and sample items from the new my fit lifestyle range, call 0207 553 7300

- NutriCentre tours are taking place at 19 Tesco- Extra stores across UK. The tours are free and are led by professionally trained nutritionists, who are able to help customers set up an eating plan and give customers practical advice on how to eat more healthily, as well as information on things like labelling and sugar content.

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