Saturday, 29 November 2014

Want to keep your Christmas presents away from prying eyes?

Hands up if you never tried to work out what was in your carefully wrapped Christmas gifts when you were a kid. I don't believe you ! Or maybe you still do ! Whether it's a surreptitious shake of the box as you place it under the tree, a careful smoothing out of cheap, semi-transparent, pound shop wrapping paper to see the brand name or logo hiding beneath or a more blatant rip in the corner of the wrapping paper to sneak a peek. Did you creep around the house trying to find your parents secret stash or maybe you stumbled across Santa's hiding place quite by accident ?!

SpaceWays, an on-demand storage service, have come up with a cunning way of helping parents keep the presents away from their kids' prying eyes in the run up to Christmas, and best of all, they won't charge you a penny for the service. (The bad news is, you have to live in London.) The company is offering free Christmas gift storage for one month to everybody who wants to make sure their loved ones don’t discover their gifts before December 25th.

“When you've got kids or share an apartment with your partner, there is always a chance of Christmas coming too early and your surprise being ruined”, says Rob Rebholz, Managing Director of SpaceWays. “For instance, when I was a child I always used to go on a scavenger hunt starting in November to see what my parents had got me for Christmas.”

The new service will also save everyone the embarrassment of losing a gift because it was hidden so well. “When my parents realised their wardrobe was not a very safe hiding spot, they started thinking of more creative places to hide my presents - sometimes so well that they could no longer find them themselves”, adds Rebholz. That made me laugh because I could imagine doing it myself !

To prevent this from happening, the company has come up with a solution to bring peace of mind to all Londoners buying their presents early this year. Everyone interested should simply go to where they will be able to select one storage box free of charge. Alternatively, customers can enter the code XMASJIMI8 at checkout via the regular website. SpaceWays will then provide customers with one complimentary large heavy-duty box in which they can pack all their gifts to be stored. The box will be picked up by professional drivers and stored at SpaceWays’ secure storage facilities just outside London. Customers then simply need to arrange a return delivery, which will also be free, at a time that’s convenient for them. Redelivery must be ordered before December 21st via the SpaceWays website so that the Christmas presents are returned safely in time for the 24th.

It sounds like a great idea - if only it was available nationwide !

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