Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's time for Portable North Pole Santa Magic ! #iBelievePNP

Do your kids still believe in Santa? Here at The Madhouse, Pierre still believes 100%, Juliette is on the fence (but, despite a few reservations, isn't quite ready to give up believing yet !) and Sophie, obviously, doesn't believe any more but still enjoys getting swept along in the Santa magic with the other two. I was therefore over the moon when December came around and I could start ramping up the excitement levels.

One of the truly magical festive moments is watching the Madhouse kids' faces just before Christmas when they get a special personalised video message from the Man in Red himself, complete with photos and details that only he could possibly know. You can make a personal video message for absolutely free but PNP - that's Portable North Pole - kindly sent me through a code so that I could make a premium video for Pierre (and Juliette and Sophie too, because I thought he'd get suspicious if he was the only one to get one).

You can have a look at Pierre's special video here (but ssshhh, he hasn't seen it yet !). You get to decide whether your child is on the naughty, nice or almost nice list, get Santa to tell them what they need to work on and throw in a few secret details to blow their minds along the way! The basic video message is free but if you want an upgrade (for a longer video with more personalisation options and extra scenes featuring the cheeky elves), the code BLG20BKP will get you a 20% discount.

The Santa magic doesn't stop there though - you can also add in personalised phone calls and PNP have also introduced a new package, the Unlimited Holiday Pass, for limitless access to Santa Premium video messages and personalized phone calls. Having used the service last year, I can also tell you that you can get a free birthday message from Santa for your child which comes as a huge squeal-inducing surprise ! Oh, and there's also a free Santa Sprint game that you can download that will keep the kids entertained while they're waiting for bedtime to arrive on Christmas Eve !

I'm feeling all festive now so I loved looking through the Santa Magic facts that PNP have put together in this fun infographic. It has some great answers to tricky questions that the kids may ask - I love the magical flying reindeer plus grand pendulum combo for explaining how Father Christmas gets to everyone's homes on one special night (a question that Pierre asked me again earlier today !).

Have fun if you make a video for your kids and, if you're still debating whether to go for a free or premium version, something you may like to keep in mind is that the PNP team will donate 5% of all web sales to Children's Hospital foundations across the world. Even more Santa magic going on there !

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a code for a premium video, but we always make the free video messages anyway !

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  1. the video is such a great idea, my 2 year old is very excited for Christmas this year, 8 year old is sadly becoming a non believer


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