Thursday, 5 March 2015

Well, I would #Walk1000Miles (but maybe not 1,000 more) in a year !

I hope you sang that blogpost title in a suitably Proclaimers-esque voice because I've got it on my brain now and can't stop singing it, much to the kids' amusement !

Anyway, I spotted a fun - and healthy - challenge this morning that I immediately signed up to. Country Walking Magazine launched a #Walk1000Miles challenge at the start of the year, and Live For The Outdoors have just joined forces with them, offering a free pedometer to the first 1000 people to join in. 

1000 miles in a year sounds a lot, especially as I'm starting with a 25% handicap, but they explain : "So what does 1,000 miles look like? Well, even now, it breaks down to just over 25 miles a week, which is a shade over 3.5 miles a day. But if you want to start now in early March, and reduce the rate accordingly - the pro-rated amount is 840 miles by December 31st." As I work in kilometres, that relates to a scary-looking 1609.344km and with 301 days of 2015 left, that's 5.3km a day, if I try to play catch-up.

I already have a fitbug orb but I've got out of the habit of tracking my steps so this will inspire me to do it more regularly. It will also inspire me to keep active - as it's a nice day, I've told the kids we'll go out for a long walk this afternoon to start as I mean to go on !

So do you fancy joining in? You can find out about the free pedometers on the Live For The Outdoors website and keep in the loop by following the #walk1000miles hashtag on twitter or Country Life on facebook. I'll tie it in with lots of geocaching too ! :)

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  1. That sounds like a fun challenge, I think I'll have to sign up to try and give me the push to keep my steps up (especially when it gets to the weekend!)

    Sharon xx
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