Monday, 11 May 2015

Have you tried audiobooks? (Free Audible trial offer)

I am a total bookworm, as you may have noticed from the number of book reviews I post, but I'm still an old-fashioned kinda girl and only read physical books. I don't know why but the idea of switching over to a Kindle just doesn't really appeal to me. I love reading in bed just before going to sleep and the idea of staying on a screen until I try to sleep just doesn't seem as if it would be as relaxing as turning pages.

There is another option though - audiobooks. When I was a student at Swansea Uni, I was involved in reading for an organisation that created audiobooks for blind people (this is going way book to the pre-internet days - I even think they were recorded on tapes, if my memory serves me well !). The idea of audiobooks appeals to me more and it also harks back to the carefree childhood days of having someone read bedtime stories to you too !

I recently saw an advert for Audible on my Amazon page and it hooked me in with news of a free trial. Apparently Audible is the publisher and distributor of the world’s largest selection of digital audiobooks and spoken word content, with professionally-narrated audiobooks across a wide range of genres, including best sellers, new releases, sci fi, romances, classics, and more.

Audible are currently offering a free trial so you can give audiobooks a try. You do need to sign up with a credit card but you can easily cancel your subscription at any time before you get charged. You get one free audiobook of your choice (they have 150,000+ titles to choose from !) and it's yours to keep, even if you cancel. After 30 days, if you choose not to cancel, you will receive one book each month for £7.99/month. 

Disclosure : If you fancy giving it a go, I discovered that I'm entitled to some lovely commission (that will go towards my Christmas pot !) even if you cancel straightaway  so don't be shy !!! ;-)


  1. audio books are my best friend at night cos I have tinnitus and they mask the noise by having something else to concentrate on. Pop them on your MP3 and listen anywhere

    1. I was thinking they could be good for keeping me going on my wii fit runs too :)


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