Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Get First Aid #RappedUp with the free British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app

The school holidays are just kicking off which means six lovely long weeks of playtime and adventures. Unfortunately that also means six long weeks when the kids can (and probably will) hurt themselves. Would you know what to do if your child fell off a slide and badly hurt their arm or twisted their ankle running around playing football? What about dealing with heatstroke, bee stings or a child who has walked on a piece of broken glass in the sand? So many possible mishaps and injuries and, as a parent or carer, you need to know what to do so that you can keep your head and stay in control.

You wouldn't dream of getting behind the wheel of a car without taking driving lessons so why do parents often neglect an important part of their essential skill set : first aid? There are numerous parenting shows on TV such as Supernanny but wouldn't it be great to see a first aid-themed show, like SuperFirstAider ?! You could have a Masterchef type format, with "bandage offs" and invention challenges, trying to decide which items you'd need from a first aid kit for different scenarios ! I think it would be a great idea !

In the meantime, the British Red Cross have come to the rescue, aiming to educate parents and teach them some first aid skills with their free Baby and Child First Aid app (alongside their general First Aid app). The app offers a series of useful videos, animations and tips that mean you can find the information that you need within seconds in case of an emergency - although, obviously, it's better to learn the skills in advance ! You can also test your knowledge using the built in first aid quizzes and there is even a handy device to record your children's medication needs and any allergies.

I decided to check out the section on nosebleeds as it's something I often have to deal with for the girls. I think I know exactly how to stop a nosebleed - sit down quietly holding the top of your nose and lean your head forwards - but whenever they have a nosebleed at school, the school nurse tells them to tip their heads back to stop the blood. I'd therefore started to doubt my own knowledge so I went to check.

I watched the video and read the advice and Q&A's and I was delighted to see that my instincts were in fact correct - putting your head back will just make you swallow the blood, which can be dangerous (as well as tasting disgusting !).

The Madhouse kids found the videos fascinating and sat down to watch the whole lot back to back, making it a great introduction to first aid for children, as well as parents. Even better though would be to take a course in First Aid, especially if you have kids aged between 0-12 years old (which is when they are most likely to injure themselves), and the British Red Cross offers courses across
the UK.

The whole first aid awareness campaign sets out to be informative, educational and empowering but that doesn't stop it being fun. The British Red Cross have released a series of quirky First Aid #RappedUp videos and you can see the first one above. It may be cute but it also dispenses some serious first aid advice and the Madhouse kids have been watching it on a loop ! The series aims to cover some of the first aid skills that parents might be less familiar with - poisoning, febrile seizures and burns. Around 21,493 children a year end up in A&E after swallowing a harmful substance so I strongly encourage you to take 50 seconds to watch these cute kids rapping their hearts out !

Around 70% of children will take a trip to A&E at some point so the British Red Cross want to support parents so they know want to do, and, most importantly, feel confident enough to take action. The advice on the app is simple to understand and quick to access, even in an emergency, so there's no excuse for not checking it out, however short on time you are !

Disclosure : Sponsored by British Red Cross

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