Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hello Kitty wants to combat online negativity #OneKindThing

This afternoon, to her utter delight and my great apprehension, Juliette created her first ever facebook account. She's only 10 so I know it's not really allowed but she'd misplaced a party invitation and, when the phone book didn't help, I turned to facebook to see if we could find her classmate on there. We did ... along with half of her class ! I did give her the big talk about online bullying and general nastiness that seems to be a sadly unavoidable part of online life these days and told her she's only allowed to go online with me next to her. It was perfect timing to learn about a new twitter app to tie in with Hello Kitty’s campaign for kindness this summer.

Apparently, nearly half the nation revealed they have seen or received unkind messages on social media, so Hello Kitty is campaigning for the nation to do #OneKindThing, whether by using the #OneKindThing app to share messages of kindness on social media, or via small acts of kindness

Users can sign up via Twitter and the free web application then shares friendly messages on their Twitter feed, helping inspire others to also do #OneKindThing for a friend or stranger. Users are able to share a Hello Kitty image alongside the post, or change their profile photo and cover picture to show support. Tweeters are then encouraged to share posts and retweet to help spread kindness far and wide on social media.

If you're still not conviced, according to scientific research, being kind to others can elevate endorphins, as well as releasing hormones to reduce stress levels so it's a win-win situation !

To use the #OneKindThing twitter app, visit

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