Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sausages and 'chips' to avoid the stress of losing your child's favourite toy !

Have you ever lost your child's favourite toy? According to reasearch by Richmond Sausages, the loss of a child's favourite toy is considered to be such a family trauma that one in four parents would rather lose an essential item such as their camera, smartphone, wallet or house keys than go through the stress of a missing toy !

 That may sound pretty extreme but I can sort of understand it. When Sophie was little, she left her two favourite toys that she always took to bed with her (and that she still has all these years later incidentally !) at her grandparents' house all the way down in Brittany and we had to phone every day to check they were OK until they arrived in the post, which was the cause of great excitement and numerous bedtime stories about their adventurous trip back home. Pierre didn't have a specific toy when he was a baby but he always wanted to sleep with two dummies - not in his mouth but one in each hand ! If he didn't have them, it meant a manic search around the house until we found them because otherwise, it would take him hours to go to sleep ! Luckily Juliette didn't have a particular favourite toy as long as she had something to cuddle.

Given the emotional bond with their favourite toy, the lengths parents go to to prevent or hide the dreaded lost toy scenario can be quite extreme. Just under a third of parents ban the cuddly toy from leaving the house, while a further 15% confess to having bought multiple versions of the favourite toy to ensure a 'body double' can be rolled out if all is lost.

Richmond Sausages have taken a more technological approach to solving a parent's worst nightmare though. They have launched a toy-tracking chip that can be attached to a toy and helps locate it, should it get lost, and they will be giving away up to 200,000 of them for free with codes on their packs of sausages.

To find out more about the Richmond "Sausages and Chip" campaign and how you can win a chip, go to

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