Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Pampers Club - Where poos make prizes !

Having brought up three children, I sometimes wonder just how many pooey nappies I got through before they were potty trained. In the very early days, I remember thinking that I was spending a large part of my life up to my elbows in poo and the main topic of conversation when Madhouse Daddy came home from work would be just how explosive a particularly nasty nappy change had been or what the poo colour of the day was, depending on what they'd been eating !

Pampers have come up with a great way to put a positive spin on the dreaded  #pooface with the launch of an exciting new rewards app called Pampers Club – it’s free, easy to use and rewards you every time you buy Pampers. 

Here’s how it works:

You can register on the Pampers Club app, then all you need to do is buy your Pampers as you usually would, both in-store and online, and take a photo of your receipt using the app, to start watching your points grow. For every £1 you spend on Pampers nappies or wipes, you’ll receive 10 Pampers Club points with the app. To get you started, you’ll also receive 500 bonus points after scanning your first receipt.

You can choose to exchange your points for different types of rewards and savings, and the great news is, there are things for both you and baby. Rewards include everything from Pampers coupons and toys, to a 3 month subscription to Mother and Baby magazine.

So now when you see that #pooface, at least you know that stocking up on Pampers means more points, for more rewards!

Disclosure : Post produced in collaboration with Pampers.

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