Saturday, 19 May 2018

Fab freebies of the week 19/5

Whether you're excited about the Royal Wedding or are planning to skip anything Harry and Meghan related, I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy this week's round-up of the week's best UK freebies.


Get a free gift (rumour has it, it's a necklace) for signing up to the Diamond Style Mailing List :
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From Redbreast whisky : To complete your Birdhouse registration, and to receive your FREE Exclusive Redbreast Pin and future Birdhouse updates, hit the SUBMIT button below.

Get in quick - Sopost are giving away Mac lipstick samples

Fancy trying our crisp, clean, unsweetened bubbles? We simply infuse water with Nature’s ingredients and add some sparkle. Aqua Libra has no sugar, no sweeteners, nothing artificial and only 3 calories per can. Enter your détails and we’ll send three free cans to the 1800 lucky winners who will be selected at random.

Super Savvy Me have a new Herbal Essences bio-renew Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner sample and also a 3 Minute Mask Aussie sample on the same page

Complete the Form to Order Your FREE Protein Packed LumberJack Bar

Start looking younger today with a FREE 2-week supply of Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Power Serum from your nearest Origins counter.

Are you a #UK #Beauty and #Lifestyle #Blogger or a potential #Brand #Ambassador ? Want some #beautiful #Active #Charcoal #Soap to test? Message us for a free sample bar, we've got 100 bars to give away. Online feedback would be great!

#brides who doesn't want nourished, hydrated skin safe in the knowledge what you are putting on is pure indulgence without the toxins? UK #bridestobe DM for your free sample to nourish the skin you're in ❤💮#skincarecommunity #skincareroutine #skinfood #AwardWinning #skincare

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