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Eden Fantasys Adult Store - Some Interesting (and Not Rude !) Secret Santa Ideas !

When I was approached by, an American adult store, to see if I'd write a review about them, my first reaction was to blush ! This is a family-oriented blog and my mum & dad read it so I'm definitely steering well clear of any rudey-dudey reviews ! My second reaction was to tutt and think "it should be Eden Fantasies, not Fantasys" - ahhh once a teacher, always a teacher, even at weekends ! My third reaction was to chuckle and think "what do those first two reactions say about me as a person ?"!

So, feeling curious, I waited until the kids had gone to bed and went to have a look. After all, when we were on honeymoon in the States, we had hysterics when we peeked into the huge, brightly-lit, supermarket-style "adult stores" and saw primly dressed grannies, gaily pushing around shopping trollies and browsing the scented candles and feminine underwear sections, as if they had no idea of the more hardcore stuff being sold further down the back of the shop !

The most important point that came across in the email was that there is no need at all to refer to any adult products and that they want bloggers to write about things they are comfortable with and that they know their readers will be comfortable with. As they say : "We are simply asking bloggers to write a general overview of EdenFantasys, perhaps with a focus on intimacy, relationships, and sensual love. In addition to adult products, we also carry a lot of candles, lingeriemassage kits, and novelty items - so there is plenty to talk about while still keeping your post PG!"

It therefore came as a bit of a shock to click through to the homepage and be confronted with scantily clad ladies and a scary collection of sextoys ! You have been warned - do not click through on any of the links if your kids/mother-in-law/boss is in the room, even if you aren't looking for anything compromising, because it will be totally obvious that you're on an adult site if anybody glances at the screen !

Well, I decided to look at some of the tasteful gifts and not-quite-so-tasteful (but still not overly rude) novelty items that could make a nice change from the usual smellies and chocolates if you're participating in a Secret Santa this year. All I keep seeing everywhere is that it's less than 100 sleeps until Christmas so it's time to start getting organised !

I love the look of this Heart-shaped Ice Cube Tray (RRP $6.99) which would make brilliant ice cubes but also chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day. I can see the anatomically correct his 'n' hers Perfect Toothbrushes (RRP : $7.99) raising a smile too and it would save the constant "which colour toothbrush is yours again ?" question from your other half every time you buy new brushes !

If you have friends with an artistic streak (as well as a sense of adventure, not to mention humour), I'm sure they'd love the Adult Paint Box (RRP $13.99) which is safe to use on skin but is also edible, being Banana / Blueberry / Cherry / Pina colada-flavoured ! The Fluorescent Liquid Latex (RRP $14.99), in a choice of purple, pink or yellow no less, made me smile too ! And I dare you to give a box of Mama Peckeroni Pasta (RRP $6.99) to your mother-in-law !

I decided to check out the candles, perfect for setting the mood, not to mention providing a flattering light source(!), for a romantic evening with your other half. They have lovely aromatherapy mood candles on offer but even the innocent-sounding candle section had me raising my eyebrows and frowning quizzically - they have edible candles, delivered with a spoon, which was a new one for me. (I think I need to get out a bit more !!) If you're equally confused, you melt the wax, pour it over your person of choice, use it as a massage oil then lick it off, because it comes in a choice of watermelon, strawberry or cherry flavour. I can't help but wonder how hot it gets - ouchie !

Eden Fantasys point out that their products are delivered in discreet packaging so that nobody but you will know what is inside the package. They do say that for international orders though, they will write "massagers" on the customs forms, whatever you've bought, which could get you a cheeky wink from the postman ! Be aware that you may be liable for international customs fees and that, if you live in a sensitive country, your goods may even be seized at customs. I do also think it's a shame that even if you're browsing the very tame, non-sexual areas of the site, the words "sex toy" figure in the url so you'll instantly get flagged up if anyone looks into your browser history !

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*** This is a sponsored - but nevertheless totally honest - post ! ***

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  1. Would make some great stocking fillers (pardon the pun!) for hubby!

  2. I love the Heart-shaped Ice Cube Tray


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