Saturday, 22 October 2011

Board Games Definitely Not To Play With The Kids from EdenFantasys !

Last month, I wrote a blogpost (here) about EdenFantasys, a US-based adult store that also stocks plenty of products that won't make you blush so don't skip to the next blogpost, I promise this will be PG-rated ! does sell sex toys, but they sell so much more: candles, lingerie, even Halloween costumes !

I've been having a good chuckle looking at their huge range of board games - or should that be definitely-won't-be-bored games ! - that would make great cheeky gifts for loved ones or friends with an open mind and a good sense of humour this Christmas.

The first one I looked at was Pleasure Island and it looks a bit like a sexed-up version of Monopoly with a Pleasure Chest instead of a Community Chest ! Players have to move through a tropical island full of romance and passion and you and your lover must perform the activities listed on each square when you land on it. (Pleasure Island, $14.99)

Now, everyone's heard of strip poker but what about Lover's Poker for a little twist. The game contains a 52 card standard poker deck, 30 blue chips, 30 pink chips, a rule card and a hand ranking sheet. A hand what ??? Ohh Ranking, thought you said something else for a minute !! Players bet by choosing chips that represent the activities (catgorised into 1, 2 or 3-minute activities) that they would be willing to perform if they lose. The player with the best poker hand gets to enjoy all of the chip activities that were bet from the other player. Now, I'd like a version of this game with activities like "do the washing up", "clean the toilet" and "hoover the living room floor". Wonder what that says about me ?!  (Poker For Lovers, $20.99)

Keeping on a casino theme, what about this cheeky take on roulette ? Take turns spinning the wheel and the colour it lands on will determine who has to do the action on the card. Red means it's the lady's turn, black is the man's and green is a free for all !. To spice things up a bit, you mustn't show the card to the other player. The rules says : "Remember there are no points and no time limits! Play as long as you like or until your desires are fulfilled." Hmm could be interesting !! (Erotic Roulette, $15.99)

If you fancy a trip down memory lane for some adult versions of your favourite kids' games, you might also like the Sexy scavenger hunt ($9.99), X-Rated ring toss ($12.99) or the Hands-on body twist her($14.99) ! Just make sure you keep them out of the kids' toy cupboard !

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  1. have you tried them out yet Cheryl? scores out of 10 please....


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