Monday, 27 October 2014

Are you a Coupon Queen ?!

Every week, I put together a round-up of the week's best freebies to share with you here on the blog. (Click through to see this week's offering.) I always love stocking up on the little tubes of perfume and face creams for taking on holiday or for weekends away and trying out new foodie products that have just hit the shelves is always great fun. Sometimes it's the competitions that are well worth entering because they have literally thousands of prizes up for grabs. I won a bottle of my favourite Original Source shower gel and a Hoegaarden beer glass very recently. Clever coupon combining is also very rewarding - I always feel like I'm getting one over on the supermarkets when, for example, they do a special 2-for-£2 offer and there's a voucher available online for £1 off (so you just print out two and get two products for free !).

Someone who knows just how much you can save by being a little bit clever and sniffing out the bargains is Holly, who runs the UK Couponing blog. Her love of freebie-hunting stemmed for a tricky financial situation rather than just an idle hobby. As she explains : "My name is Holly and I'm a 29 year old mother of two and I suffer with a rare medical condition which affects my everyday life. In 2009 I found out the devastating news that I had a bone tumour in my left leg, my life turned upside down, I had to quit my job and my partner had to become my full time carer. During this time we suffered financially so I started looking at ways to save money, over the years I have become a money saving expert (a bit like Martin Lewis!) and in February this year I decided to start my own Blog, the blog has been a huge success and gets over 180,000 visits per month and has a social network of over 50,000!"

You can see Holly talking about Extreme Couponing in this TV interview.

I've been to have a look at the blog and I can see why it's so popular. Holly has a definite knack for sniffing out the crafty combinations I mentioned earlier, such as spotting that Seabrook Lattice Crisps are on special offer for £1 at ASDA and that you can get a £1 cashback using the Checkout Smart App. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch ? (Or at least a free bag of crisps !) You can get a free supper too if you use the £1 off voucher for New Covent Garden Soup and buy them at Morrison's who have them on offer for £1. (For these offers and many more, check the UK Couponing blog.)

If you think this sounds like a good idea and maybe fancy trying to stretch your Christmas budget a bit further this year, you can follow Holly's Blog – - and also her Facebook Page – 'UK Extreme Couponing and Freebies' - and YouTube Channel – (containing personal Vlogs and money saving tutorials)

Have you grabbed yourselves any nice freebies or spotted a fab offer lately ?

Disclosure : I received a lovely Night In package from Holly, including some DVDs, some sweeties and a delicious bar of Galaxy. That certainly saved us a few bob on a trip to the cinema !

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