Monday, 11 July 2016

Madhouse recipe : Flower jellies

There has been a definite floral theme going on in the Madhouse kitchen this week and it's all down to the latest Bake Box which focuses on cooking with flowers. 

One of the products in the box was this silicon flower mould, perfect for making pretty flower jellies.

Flower jellies

ingredients :

400ml cold water
8 sheets of leaf gelatine
1tbsp elderflower cordial
4tsp rose water
a few drops of grenadine
unsprayed edible flowers

This was my first time using gelatine and rather than leaf gelatine, I had the powdered form. Following the instructions, I sprinkled it over warm water and gave it a good stir. Pierre looked at it dubitatively and whispered "it looks like wee" - I have to say, it didn't smell any more appealing than it looked ! (If using leaf gelatine, leave it to soak in 300ml cold water for 5 minutes until softened, remove from the water and add to the remaining 100ml almost boiled water, stir to dissolve and pour back in the cold soaking water.) Add the elderflower cordial, rose water and enough grenadine syrup to give it a pale pink colour. (See below - I would vastly increase the quantities of all three.)

Place whole edible flowers in the jelly moulds - I used some of the dried rose petals from my Iranian-themed Kitchen Trotter box.

Pour the gelatine mixture into the moulds, use a cocktail stick to submerge some of the rose petals and put in the fridge to set  (with the moulds on a baking tray to prevent spillage), for at least 4 hours or overnight. When set, use the point of a sharp knife to work the edges of the jelly away from the mould then very slowly peel away the mould.

Serve with a couple of the delicate lemon shortbread biscuits that I shared with you earlier in the week.

Well, they look fantastic and make a lovely light, summery dessert. However, they were extremely bland and didn't taste of anything really except for gelatine, which wasn't great ! I poured some extra grenadine syrup over the top which made them much more palatable so the answer is definitely increasing the quantities of elderflower cordial, rose water and grenadine syrup in them.

Disclosure : I received a Bake Box, including the recipes, in order to write an honest review. For more info :


  1. The jellies look so pretty, a shame they were bland. Definitely try more cordial, or even prosecco for a grown-up jelly.

    1. ooh prosecco - I like the way you think ! :)

  2. I tried some bought biscuits with petals in for Valentine's They were lovely

  3. I tried some bought biscuits with petals in for Valentine's They were lovely

  4. Well they certainly look good even if they don't taste it!

    1. They are very pretty - I need to have another play !

  5. These look yummy
    I'd add more cordial for flavour

    1. Definitely worth another go with more cordial :)

  6. How pretty are these. Fruit juice is great for adding flavours to jellies. It looks a bit like micky mouse :)

  7. They look great, im not sure my kids would be too keen on eating flowers hehe


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