Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Heinz have a soup-er way to fight the freeze !

Baby it's cold outside ! Our weather station tells us it's currently -4°C, despite the wishy-washy sunshine doing its best to thaw out the frost, so I'm sure it must have been colder than that when we got out of bed. Brrrr !

Everyone knows that chicken soup is the best (unofficial) cure for a cold and a bowl of steaming soup is always the ultimate comfort food on a freezing day like today. In fact, as temperatures plummet across the country, Heinz is expecting sales of soup to surge as people reach for winter warmers. In anticipation, Kitt Green, the Heinz soup production factory in Wigan, is at full tilt despatching a whopping nine million cans of soup over the next week alone. It is estimated that Heinz will sell over 20 million cans in January and typically, Heinz sees a five per cent increase in demand for every degree drop during the soup season. Heinz have come up with a novel way to help London commuters fight the freeze during this cold snap : ‘Break In Case Of Emergency’ cases containing a free can of the nation’s favourite Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup !

This isn't just for those in the capital though. Throughout soup season, Heinz will be popping up in the coldest cities and towns across the UK to surprise consumers, so keep your eyes open ! According to figures, the north is the number one ‘hot spot’ for soup during the winter months, with London a close second, so I'm sure there will be more popping up in northern cities too.

I know you all love a good freebie, judging by how popular my Saturday morning "Fab freebies of the week" round-ups are, and this is much more fun than filling in a form and waiting for the postie to arrive. Let me know if you manage to find one !

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