Thursday, 14 June 2018

Going quackers with Baby Secrets !

It's the final few weeks at school which means the holidays aren't all that far away. It's a double-edged sword as a teacher though as that also means that it's the busiest weeks of the year to get though before then, with after-school meetings, marking, report-filling and mountains of paperwork to complete before very short deadlines. Luckily, Baby Secrets sent us through a fabulous family fun pack to help me keep the Madhouse kids entertained while I cracked on with my work. As well as some Baby Secrets toys to play with, there were two fun projects to complete : painting a duck money box and baking some duck-shaped cookies.

Described as the cutest new babies on the block, Baby Secrets are sweet little collectibles that come in single packs and play sets, including the Park Time Pram set that we received.

They all come with a dinky little bath tub which is perfect for revealing their surprise - dunking them in water will make their nappy change colour so you can see if it's a boy or a girl. Here, for example, we discovered two identical babies, except it turns out that they weren't identical twins after all, they were brother and sister !

We love the cute expressions and their individuality revealed through their accessories - from bunny ears and headphones, to buckets and colanders on their heads or even ... a duck-themed swim ring which led us nicely into the other activities.

After spreading out some newspaper to protect the table, Pierre got stuck straight in with painting the duck money box (or money duck, as he has taken to calling it !).

I couldn't help but giggle because there is something a bit demonic-looking about the duck in the photo on the right !

I think it must have just been a trick of the light though, as he went back to looking cute and inoffensive when I turned him round a bit more !

All that painting was hard work, so it was time for some refuelling : choc chip duck cookies were called for !

The Betty Crocker cookie mix made this a breeze and Pierre thought the idea of duck shaped cookies was very cool. The feet had a tendency to drop off but they tasted lovely !

Many thanks to Baby Secrets for giving us a lovely afternoon's entertainment.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to take part in the activity.

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  1. Think the Baby Secret babies are very odd - with big eyes and bunny ear accessories and nappies that change colour. Like the painted duck though!


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