Monday, 15 October 2018

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2018 week #42

This week is the final week at school before we get two weeks off - yeeeesssss ! I don't know about the kids but I definitely need it ! This week, I'll be looking for a nice easy week, using up what's in the fridge in case we decide to head off to visit the grandparents (bearing in mind that we went shopping yesterday so it's totally stuffed !). As I write this, I'm planning on warming stews and things to suit autumn/winter, but the last couple of days have been strangely warm. Oh well, it's still good to have a plan !


dinner - tortillas or fajitas or something similar, using up the leftovers from yesterday's roast beef (we didn't have chicken in the end !) - I picked up some packs on offer when I went shopping and they're taking up way too much place in the cupboard !


dinner - I have some packs of vol au vents cases so something in them - I'm thinking creamy chicken, but I'll see what's in the freezer - with rice and veg


lunch - fricadelles (spicy sausages) with pasta

dinner - I'm thinking soup, but this might change if it's unseasonably warm ! There should be lots of leftovers to use up too if soup doesn't appeal to the younger members of the family.


dinner - chorizo & cheese strudel bread with salad & tomatoes


 dinner - time to welcome in the holidays with KFC-style baked chicken, curly chips & beans !


lunch - kids' choice of restaurant/fast food - possibly a kebab this week, if things haven't changed

dinner - leftovers/snack food (quiche, salads, bread, dips, crisps, fruit, yogurts, etc)


lunch -  roast chicken with all the trimmings

dinner - sandwiches and leftovers

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  1. Chorizo & cheese strudel bread sounds absolutely delicious, I fancy the sound of that x

  2. I agree the bread sounds amazing!

  3. Ahh! We still have another week at school after this one then we're off for a week. Hmmf.
    I haven't had vol au vents in years. My girls used to love them with tuna, mayo & sweetcorn in. I think I might have to buy some for a change.
    Fab meal plan x

  4. love the vol au vent idea my kids would love that x

  5. Your KFC baked chicken sounds amazing! Do you have a recipe by any chance?

    Thanks for linking up! x

  6. Your KFC baked chicken sounds so yummy i look forward to seeing the recipe for this one

  7. I love the sound of chorizo & cheese strudel bread! Good plan :).


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