Sunday, 4 November 2018

DVD review : March of the Penguins 2 : The Next Step

Tomorrow sees the release on digital download, DVD and Blu Ray of March of the Penguins 2 : The Next Step, which is the long awaited sequel to the original dvd, which was released a whole decade ago. That won't matter to the next generation of fans though, as they'll spend the whole time totally engrossed in the heartwarming tale of a first-time father and his newborn chick, learning to thrive in the world’s harshest conditions.

Ten years is a long time to wait, but the new dvd utilises the very latest in film technology with breathtaking 4K cinematography, stunning sound design and high-tech drones, to bring you an intimate look at the unique lives of these incredible emperor penguins.

The film tells the story of two emperor penguins, a father and son, as they face and overcome the almost unimaginable challenges of life in this hostile land. Filmmaker Luc Jacquet spent two months shooting in the Antarctic winter, using the new technology of airborne drones and under-ice diving, to show the astonishing lives of these mysterious creatures in an entirely new light.

There are some fascinating shots and the whole film is very reminiscent of a real-life version of Happy Feet ! Make sure you're tucked up nice and warm under a duvet when you settle down to watch it !

Runtime: 74 mins approx. (DVD and BD)
Certification: U

Disclosure : I received a DVD in order to share my honest opinion.


  1. I remember the first one. Our Sasha watched it many times, he was so fascinated. I must get this one.

  2. Our eldest has a thing about penguins so her birthday and Christmas gifts tend to be penguin related. She would love this.

  3. This looks good


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