Monday 7 January 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #2

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We were busy catching up with both sides of the family during the holidays - in fact, I took some time to write this menu plan while still on holiday, so I'm not entirely sure of what's in the freezer ! Oh well, things can always be switched around. In 2019, I want to get back into trying lots of new globe-cooking recipes, but I'll have to try to find some kid-friendly options that we can all eat. So here's this week's plan - I'm on a mission to get lots of extra hidden veg in our meals, whenever possible !


dinner - pork stir fry, with noodles and loads of veggies (red peppers, carrot strips, baby sweetcorn, mangetout, beansprouts, onions, ...)


dinner - chicken enchiladas or fajitas with guacamole and rice


lunch - Patatnik, a Bulgarian potato dish, with fried eggs or beefburgers, depending on what's in the freezer, and maybe some ratatouille

dinner - rigatoni al tonno, a tuna-stuffed pasta dish, with a cherry tomato sauce


dinner - Kung Pao chicken with rice & stir-fried veggies


 dinner - Alnwick stew (a potato-topped gammon stew) with peas & carrots


lunch - kids' choice of restaurant/fast food - probably the old favourite, McDonald's ! I think I'll go for a chicken salad, or maybe a wrap.

dinner - sandwiches and fridge clearout - I'll try making a Panzanella salad (dried bread, tomatoes, cucumber, ... - I'll share the recipe afterwards)


lunch -  the classic Sunday roast - roast chicken, stuffing, gravy, carrots, mushrooms, onions ... but I might go for rice rather than roast potatoes, after all the festive over-eating !

dinner - sandwiches and fridge clearout

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  1. Ohh! I had to have a Google of Alnwick stew. How have I not heard of that considering Alnwick is not too far from me. It sounds so good. In fact all your meals sound amazing. x

    1. Fingers crossed ! lol ... I'll be sharing the recipes once I've made them :)

  2. Oooh Patatnik sounds lovely! What a great week of meals you have!

  3. off to google alnwick stew as well as it sounds a great idea. not had stir fry in ages

    1. I'll be sharing the recipes as soon as I've made them ! :)

  4. Patatnik sounds very unusual, but delicious!

    Thanks for linking up and Happy New Year! x

  5. Wednesday lunch sounds lovely


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