Sunday, 14 November 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 46

Back into routine this week. I have parent-teacher evenings on Tuesday and Thursday so I'll need quick food or things that can be prepared in advance, unless I can convince Sophie to deal with dinner on those nights ! I did a big shop so there are various options this week, but I'll still make a plan as a basic idea. I used the leftovers from the Sunday dinner to make chicken (and roast potato and vegetable) soup which went down well and saves having too much left over in the fridge. I realised the freezer is pretty much full too so I'll need to make space in there so that I can fill it up ready for Christmas.


lunch- canteen for me (leftover chicken soup and/or pesto pasta for the kids)

dinner - meatballs with leftover fried potatoes (and tomato/onion/mushroom sauce)


lunch- canteen for me (leftovers for the kids)

dinner- chicken with American BBQ seasoning, rice & veg


lunch- chicken burgers with pasta & coleslaw

dinner- blanquette de veau (creamy veal & carrot stew) with potatoes


lunch - I'll be eating with friends (leftovers for the kids)

dinner- sausages, rice & ratatouille


lunch- Sophie will throw something together if there are no leftovers left

dinner - tacos


lunch- kids' choice of fast food

dinner- tartiflette (baked potatoes, onions, bacon and stinky reblochon cheese)


lunch- roast dinner

dinner- soup with the leftovers from lunch

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  1. I hope the parent-teacher evenings go well.
    You do so well with your leftovers. I am hoping for some this week to have for lunch the next day.
    Great meal plan x

    1. I generally like to keep some leftovers in the fridge to use at lunchtimes ... then they go rogue and have a sandwich instead ! lol

  2. Hope the parent/teacher meetings are not long and too stressful. Well done on efficiently dealing with leftovers. My DH is super fussy, when it comes to leftovers. I love them.

    1. I love the challenge of dressing up leftovers into another tasty dish !

  3. Hope all goes well with the parent teacher evenings and tartiflette sounds so warming and tasty x

  4. I hope the parent teacher evening went ok? We have ours in January. I love Tartiflette but sadly my lot can't eat it because we have a cows milk allergy. I wonder if I could use a stinky goats cheese as a substitute?
    Hope you had a good week and thank you for linking up to #mealplanmonday


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