Sunday 9 January 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 2

You may have noticed, I didn't do a meal plan last week. Everything went manic ! The last day of the holiday saw me heading off to the COVID testing centre as I had had a cold (caught from Pierre who had tested negative the week before) and I was concerned about infecting everyone at school. It came back negative - perfect ! With New Year's Eve falling on a Saturday, I didn't have time to do the weekly shop so I asked Sophie to grab some food on Monday and planned on writing my meal plan on the Tuesday. My Tuesday afternoon ended up being used by the plumber (and various problems) so I had no time. Wednesday was my COVID jab, and I had Moderna instead of Pfizer, that I had had for the two previous jabs. On Thursday, I went to work but only lasted two hours before taking the day off - I felt like absolute crap and spent the whole day sleeping ! Luckily, it was just the side effects of the vaccine and on Friday, I was back at work and the plumber was fixing the leak in the garage AND replacing the fittings on the radiators so our heating is working properly again. Hallelujah ! I'm looking forward to next week being an easy week !


lunch- I'll eat at school, the kids can fend for themselves (there's a leek quiche Sophie will probably eat, Pierre will probably cook a beefburger and goodness knows what Juliette will find in the fridge !)

dinner - creamy pork with rice & veggie patties


lunch- School canteen for me, leftovers for the kids

dinner- chicken burgers with pasta


lunch- smoked sausages with couscous and lentils

dinner- veal stew in the slow cooker with rice (and veggies in the stew - carrots, onions, leeks)


lunch - leftovers or spaghetti carbonara

dinner- chicken curry with rice


lunch- leftovers

dinner - beef bourguignon with mash (& carrots, tomatoes, onions in the stew)


lunch- leftovers or McDonald's (but I think the kids vaccine certificates will have run out, as they need their third dose, so it will have to be take-away)

dinner- freezer diving - I think there are some odds and ends of Christmas/New Year food that never got eaten so this could be a good time to make some space in the freezer


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg, gravy

dinner- tartiflette (stinky reblochon cheese baked over potatoes, onions and bacon)

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  1. I finally tried Tartiflette this week as it's a special at Cote and it was lovely.

    1. Ahh that's great ! It can even be played around with, using different cheeses - there's one in the North of France using Maroilles (even stinkier !) called Ch'tartiflette. Some people use leftover roast chicken instead of bacon too.

  2. It sounds like things were crazy for you last week. I am glad the test came back negative and you have had your next Covid jab. Sorry you were feeling rotten. I hope this week is a lot calmer for you.
    It sounds like you have a lot of lovely meals planned. x

  3. I love Tartiflette, not something you can find hear easily. Maybe I should try and make it.
    The whole vaccine status thing is something we are looking at because we want to visit France in April, one is vaccinated and one isn't (not eligible here)
    Thanks for linking up to Meal Plan Monday!


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