Sunday 30 January 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 5

Another week down - only one to go until the school holidays. Phew ! I don't think we'll make it over to see my mum and dad this time though, as we have so much to do - homework projects for the kids, paperwork to deal with and I really need to repaper the hallway (which goes up two flights of stairs so it's a big job). Assuming, of course, that we manage to stay COVID-free. Numbers are rising at school, both in terms of teachers and pupils, but everyone seems to be back at school in good health after a week of feeling decidedly lousy. Fingers crossed.

Last week's menu plan was hit and miss. We had the chicken and chorizo stew and the beef maffé is in the slow cooker as I type (on Saturday afternoon). We had pizza too but several of the other meals got bumped as Sophie wanted to cook - no problem there ! - so she rustled up veggie samosas and chicken curry (plus leftovers). This week will involve using up whatever's in the fridge.


lunch- fridge diving for the kids, canteen for me

dinner - Sophie wants to make stuffed courgettes for me and her - Juliette and Pierre can have leftovers or chicken dippers with rice or pasta


lunch- School canteen for me, leftovers for the kids

dinner- Bacon & veg risotto (I made this with pearl barley last time but I'll try it with rice this time)


lunch- burgers/veggie burgers with mash & peas/carrots

dinner- Honey mustard pretzel chicken (probably made with breadcrumbs rather than crushed pretzels) with ebly and coleslaw


lunch - restaurant with friends for me and Sophie

dinner- coconut chicken with rice (bumped over from last week's menu plan)


lunch- probably leftovers or Sophie can rustle something up

dinner - Meatball & egg tagine with couscous


lunch- we haven't been to McDonald's for a few weeks so maybe a trip to town? If not, something simple like spaghetti carbonara sounds good.

dinner- Sloppy Joes with potato wedges and coleslaw


lunch- Mongolian beef with rice or noodles (& lots of added veggies in the dish)

dinner- toast or leftovers

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  1. We have 2 more weeks before the school holidays. It sounds like you have a busy half term planned. I am glad everyone is feeling better.
    All of your meals sound so good. I love the sound of the Honey mustard pretzel chicken x

  2. We have half term next week and we need it. Feels like 2022 has been a hard slog so far. Your meals always sounds amazing and make me hungry. Thank you for linking up to #mealplanmonday


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