Monday 24 January 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 4

Last week was calmer - thank goodness for that ! It's been totally manic since Christmas. The other colleague from our table at the school canteen came down with COVID - the one who sits next to me, after the one opposite me last week- but somehow I managed to escape again. Phew ! I got letters from the tax people this week too, detailing the direct debit payments for the coming year for local taxes, for me and separately for Mike ! I headed to the tax office on my morning off and waited in the long queue to sort it all out. It was worth it - they cancelled Mike's direct debit (lots of people have "come back from the dead" apparently and been set up on new payment plans, despite their deaths being declared, after a new system was installed). I also queried the €2300 that was taken out of my account before Christmas - it was indeed an error so that will be reimbursed too. They normally sort themselves out when they make a mistake so I was waiting but it was just as well I chased this one up ! So what will this next week bring ?! 

In terms of food, browsing back through the old recipes on my blog was a great idea and the kids loved everything I cooked, so it's more of the same this week. Sophie cooked last week too, making something she saw on Tik Tok - hot dog sausages, wrapped in cheese and bread then fried. Very tasty and very nice to get a night off cooking ! So here's this week's plan.


lunch- fridge diving for the kids, canteen for me

dinner - spicy chicken and chorizo stew with ebly


lunch- School canteen for me, leftovers for the kids

dinner- slow cooker beef maffé with potatoes and green beans (should be handy for using up the FOUR ends of jars of peanut butter I just found in the cupboard ! To be fair, they're all from Degustaboxes so I can't complain)


lunch- Hogslop (bacon, onion, potatoes) with fried eggs (or leftovers, if preferred)

dinner- I'm thinking there will be plenty of leftovers in the fridge


lunch - canteen for me (then a trip to the cinema with the kids from school), the kids can fend for themselves (leftovers or sandwiches)

dinner- coconut chicken with rice


lunch- Sophie might cook or there may be leftovers or sandwiches

dinner - Creamy veal stew (with potatoes, carrots, leeks, mushrooms, onions)


lunch- BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders with wedges and coleslaw

dinner- pizza (or something interesting that I spot when I go shopping)

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  1. Hooray for a calmer week. Thank goodness you seem to be escaping Covid. Oh no, that is awful about the direct debit starting again for your husband. Sending love and hugs. Ohh! I love the sound of the hot dogs that Sophie cooked. I think my family will love them.
    Great meal plan! Hogslop did make me chuckle, the name doesn't make it sound very appetizing but I bet it is x

    1. Totally agree about hogslop ... does it tastes better than it sounds !!

  2. I love the name "hogslop" I reckon my kids would eat that just for the name. I am glad you got your tax money back but didn't get Covid.
    Thanks for linking up with #mealplanmonday

  3. The BBQ Pulled sliders is soemething the meat eaters would love in this house. Loving the name of hogsplop not going to lie. Fingers crossed you don't catch Covid.


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