Monday, 16 May 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 20

For the last two weeks, I've said that things have calmed down. Bad move ! This week, things kicked off again - sigh ! On Saturday evening, Pierre came back from playing with his friends and said he'd fallen when playing football and hurt his arm. Sunday it seemed ok but at lunchtime on Monday, I got a load of text messages begging to go to hospital because it hurt too much. I told him to meet me after work at 4.30 and we'd head to the hospital. When we got there, there was a 6 hour wait and they suggested we give up and try again the next day, which we did. The next day, he finally got an x-ray and it turns out he's broken his arm so it's in plaster ... just a couple of months since breaking the other arm ! I'm sure they'll be watching me for child abuse or something ! The end of term is drawing near too so it's the last dash for tests and reports at school. Always a busy time but at least we get a long holiday to recover afterwards ! Right, here's the plan for this week's food.


lunch- I'm at the canteen - leftover sausages for the kids, either in bread or with pasta (or whatever else they find in the fridge)

dinner - chicken fajitas (with guacamole, tomato salad, rice, ...)


lunch- canteen for me - leftovers for the kids

dinner- Mexican-spiced pork chops with ebly & salad


lunch-  chicken burgers, potato salad & tomato salad

dinner- spaghetti bolognese


lunch - meal with a friend for me & Sophie, leftovers for Pierre, canteen for Juliette

dinner- Sophie's been eyeing up lots of things on Too Good To Go so I think there will be lots of unexpected things to eat in the fridge for at least one meal this week !


lunch- Sophie can sort out something as I'll be home later (or there may be leftovers to use up)

dinner - pasta bake 


lunch- chicken & veg stir fry

dinner- pizza or flammenkueche


lunch- pork curry & rice

dinner- sandwiches or toast

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