Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Aero Heavenly Mousse review

I've always loved the unique texture of Aero chocolate bars and this light, fluffy bubbliness has been transformed into a delicious new dessert called Aero Heavenly mousse. It comes in a large 170g pot which contains three individual servings, and I definitely recommend serving it in bowls or you'll sit down with a spoon and polish off the entire tub in one sitting !

It comes in two flavours: a rich chocolate mousse with salted caramel sauce, scattered with delicious hazelnuts, and a rich salted caramel mousse, including a caramel sauce swirled with pecan nuts. I love the swirly design when you take off the lid as it reminds me of the individual tubs of raspberry ripple ice cream that I used to eat as a child.

It's hard to show the texture in a photo but it's really soft, smooth and fluffy with thousands of minuscule bubbles throughout. The unctuous caramel sauce and nuts give a lovely contrast of textures and flavours.

The caramel sauce is just on the top but there is plenty to go round when decanting it into bowls so nobody feels hard done by !

The grown ups loved both but the kids found the caramel one to be just a bit too sweet and sickly - great news for us as we got to finish off the tub ! It is a very rich dessert so a third of a tub is the perfect amount - I think you'd feel a bit queasy if you ate the whole tub !

Each third-of-a-tub serving provides 114 calories, 6.6g of fat of which 3.8g saturates and 9.2g of sugar. That's not actually too bad if you want something sweet and indulgent to calm sugar/chocolate cravings.

It's being marketed as a delicious dessert designed to add a moment of lingering pleasure to your evenings - the perfect treat to relax and unwind with after a long day - but it's great as an instant dessert after a family meal too.

Available in stores now, Aero® Heavenly is available in a number of leading supermarkets including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and online at Ocado, with an RRP of £1.79 (170g single pot). 

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Sounds good and not too bad for calories

  2. Not bad for calories at all, if you think that a banana is around 100kcal as well. I think I'm with your kids on the over-sweet caramel sauce. :)

  3. OMG salted caramel sauce and aero flavoured. Amazing!!!

  4. I love the Norma aero mousse, they are so chocolatey, I have to try the caramel one xXx


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