Sunday, 5 November 2017

Say yes to #CleanBeauty with Holland & Barrett & Purepotions !

Holland & Barrett have recently launched their #CleanBeauty campaign in association with leading beauty brands, including natural skin care experts, Purepotions. From now on Holland & Barrett will not be stocking any skin care products that contain parabens, SLS or microplastics, making skincare more responsible both for consumers and the planet.

Both Holland & Barrett and Purepotions believe that there is no compromise on performance or experience when using products without parabens, SLS & microplastics. Customers can be reassured that their beauty products are effective, kind to skin and to the environment without compromising on quality.

I've been trying out some of Purepotions’ Skin Salvation range for dry and allergy-prone skin - the Hand Cream, Intensive Moisturising Ointment and Daily Moisturising Cream - and they're lovely. As well as being free from parabens, SLS and microplastics, these incredibly gentle, nourishing products are all made without petrochemicals, perfumes, phthalates, GMOs, PEGs or silicones. That's what they DON'T contain, but what they DO contain is a whole host of natural ingredients and botanical nutrients from herbal tinctures and cold-pressed organic oils. This means they are particularly suitable for those prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry or itchy skin conditions, whose skin needs extra nourishment from the hemp seed, chamomile, calendula and olive oils in the products, while needing to avoid potential irritants and allergens such as synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Purepotions also have a new Hair & Scalp range (including a natural, SLS-free shampoo and conditioner which has been garnering rave reviews in the blogosphere) and a Baby & Child range (consisting of a prize-winning 100% natural chamomile baby oil and a rich beeswax-based lavender nappy salve).

The hashtag #CleanBeauty will be running for six weeks to highlight Holland & Barrett's new commitment to beauty free from parabens, SLS and microplastics.

Disclosure : I received some samples.


  1. I've heard good reviews about pure potions, I find Holland and Barratts expensive and watching a Tv programme before most of their products had higher doses than you need and the supermarket own makes were just as good xxx

  2. Never tried this buy it sounds really good

  3. Sounds good especially for me - I tend to get irritation from products that are heavily scented etc but I agree with Kaleigh that they are expensive


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