Sunday, 28 August 2016

Are you a #DoritosA or a #DoritosB fan?

Since we've been in the midst of a heatwave, I've noticed that people seem to be a lot more chilled out (quite literally in fact) doing their weekly shop. It's actually quite nice taking your time strolling around in an air-conditioned supermarket and that's even before you hit the frozen foods aisle ! Well, if you've been taking a leisurely stroll down the crisps section lately, you might have noticed that Doritos have launched two mysterious new flavours: Doritos A and Doritos B.

Initially, I wasn't at all keen on the packaging because the plain white and black bags don't have any tasty-looking food images that get your tastebuds tingling and wondering what they taste like, but I have to say, having seen them on the shelves, they do leap out at you, in amongst all the other brightly coloured bags.

Going head to head are Doritos A, a moreish Sizzling Salsa flavour, which packs the punch of a tangy tomato dip and tasty Doritos chip all rolled into one. In the black corner are Doritos B, the opposition, a bold Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour - a taste explosion of juicy burger and rich cheese flavours that had the Madhouse kids saying "mmmmm it tastes like McDonald's" !

They are both very tasty but the sad thing is, only one of them will survive this summer's head-to-head. Both varieties are limited editions and consumers get to decide which one will be eliminated. It's not just a boring vote to decide on the winner though.

As well as deciding which flavour gets the chop, you also have to come up with an idea for how it should be banished - the funnier and more original the better. Whether it’s getting a T-Rex to trample on it or turning the tables and having it smashed to smithereens by a piƱata, Doritos will choose the boldest and most creative entry and make it happen with a funny animation. What’s more, you could win a whopping £20,000 for your idea if your idea is selected as the winner.

To enter, simply tweet @DoritosUK and tell them whether you’d eliminate #DoritosA or #DoritosB and how they should do it. Remember, be bold, be funny and make sure you enter!

Doritos A and Doritos B flavours have an RRP of £1.99 for a 200g bag and are available for a limited time only alongside the existing Doritos range from stores nationwide. For more information visit Full terms and conditions apply, see

Disclosure : We received some Doritos in order to choose our favourite flavour.


  1. I don't think I would go for the Salsa. Guess I'll have to try them both! :)

  2. I've not seen them at all, and I in the crisp aisle of Asda yesterday! I like the sound of the Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour best though!


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