Saturday, 13 August 2016

Madhouse recipe : Homemade BBQ burgers

Hands up if you have a million half-used bottles of sauce in your kitchen cupboards ! Well, judging by the entries in recent #KitchenClearout linkies, I'm not the only one and I've pinched one of the ideas suggested by Jane at Onions and Paper for the inspiration of this dish. She brushed her chipotle burgers with chipotle sauce and mixed some more in with the mayonnaise to put in the buns. I decided to go inside out and mix some honey babrbecue glaze in with some minced beef and a finely chopped onion to create homemade BBQ burgers.

I shaped them into balls in my hands.

Then cooked them on the OptiGrill.

I served them in buns with the usual toppings and a side order of Actifry chips (I need a bigger kitchen counter !) and they were lovely. The BBQ sauce made them extra juicy and imparted a lovely sweet smokiness to the burgers. It's definitely a great way of using up bottles of sauce and the options are limitless. What have you got lurking in your cupboards that could be mixed into homemade burgers ?

What's lurking in your larder? Have a rummage at the back of your kitchen cupboard, fridge, freezer or spice rack and show us what you've got ! Then link up with the #KitchenClearout linky


  1. Ohh! Yes! I like the sound of these...So simple but they sound so good.

  2. Sounds amazing all the better as they are home madr

  3. Sounds amazing all the better as they are home madr

  4. This sounds like a great idea, homemade burgers are always the best, and with the BBQ sauce, I'm sure they're extra yummy!


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