Wednesday 20 December 2017

Gel-a-Peel Christmas crafting

When the advent calendars come out at the start of December, it's the signal for us that we need to get our socks on and start Christmas crafting (if we haven't already - this year, we seem to be running late for everything !). Gel-a-Peel sent us through a lovely festive package to start us off, with some cute, customisable reindeer, snowmen and star tree decorations, as well as a pack of Gel-a-Peel.

The kids had great fun using the different shaped tips on the gel tubes to create dots, lines and textured effects for totally unique designs. You could even add glitter or sequins  to the gel before it dries for extra festive bling.

They were very proud to add their finished designs to the Christmas tree once they'd dried and I think they look fantastic. You can't beat homemade decorations and we'll be bringing these out year after year - my mum still brings out an articulated Santa every year that I made in an arts and crafts session at primary school !

Gel-a-Peel is available in all sorts of colours and effects, and we've had great fun experimenting with them over the last year. Juliette was delighted to receive another pack of Colour Change Gel-a-Peel this time, which changes colour in sunlight - absolutely perfect for summer holiday accessories.

Juliette decided she also wanted to make some cute and totally unique gifts for her schoolfriends and, once again, Gel-a-Peel was perfect. The Gel-a-Peel website is a great source for inspiration, including phone cases, emoji earrings and Silly Band bracelets, but you can really let your imagination go wild and customise anything and everything, as it can be used on all sorts of materials, including but not limited to cardboard, glass, wood, plastic and fabric.

Juliette's friends are all as mad about unicorns (and just generally mad !) as she is, so recreating the design from the jewellery box that we made earlier in the year was her starting point. As Gel-a-Peel allows you to make 3d embellishments using moulds, as well as drawing directly on to the support, it gives great scope for maximum craftiness.

You can also go free-style without moulds, which was the technique that Juliette used for making little charms and bag tags, including this heart with a little plastic moustache pressed into it.

Placing a plastic sheet over a template, either from inside the box or downloaded from the Gel-a-Peel website, means that you can make some very funky wristbands, cuffs and headbands - the colour-change gels look particularly pretty for these.

And buying up some plain white T-shirts and plimsolls that only cost a couple of pounds from the supermarkets gave a great base for some funky, matching clothing for her and her friends.

I'm sure her friends will love their gifts and Juliette had great fun making them too.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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