Saturday 16 December 2017

Num Noms Collector's Case review - Are you Num Noms #BiggestCollector?

If you've got a tweenaged daughter, the chances are, you'll have some of these lurking in stockings or hiding under the Christmas tree next week. In fact, over on the @NumNomsUK twitter feed, they had the fabulous idea of using some of the Num Noms Lights ON the Christmas tree as decorations, which is a very cute idea !

Juliette has loads of Num Noms and loves getting them out and sniffing them, stacking them up, choosing her favourites, using the lip balms and nail varnishes, ... Ultimately they always end up being stuffed back in a box though, which is a bit of a shame, so Juliette was delighted to receive a super-cute collector's case to show off her favourites, along with lots of stickers to personalise it.

Shaped like a giant Num Nom and made in sturdy plastic, it makes a great decorative item for any young girl's bedroom. We love the cheeky wink and the giant cupcake sprinkles !

Inside you have enough place to display about 24 Num Noms single stacked or 50+ double-stacked. The hardest thing is choosing which ones to put out on display !

The case comes with a sheet of stickers allowing you to arrange and label your collection by food theme, scent, colour or rarity.

Inside the case, you also get a special edition mystery num and nom to add to your collection - they are the two on the left of the picture : a cute Princess Gummy Bear Num and a  Razz-Blue Meringue Gloss-Up Nom. We also received two series 4 Mystery Packs, which bring not just cute new characters and tasty scents but also scented nail polish and glitter lip gloss. Exciting !

We also received a copy of the latest Num Noms magazine, which has been squirrelled away to give Juliette something to keep her occupied on the 8-hour drive down to the in-laws for Christmas !

Carousel PR and Num Noms are currently running a Biggest Collector Campaign, with fab prizes up for grabs. They explain: “We have just launched our Biggest Collector competition, a two-month search to find the biggest Num Noms fan in the country. We’re giving away the biggest prizes yet with a huge product bundle, branded goodies and even money – plus prizes for the runners up.

If you think that you have the best collection of Num Noms, we would love to see your pictures. All you have to do is simply share a picture on Facebook and tag Num Noms or email it to showing us why your little one is such a fan.”

Can you rise to the challenge ?!

For more news on all things Num Noms, including the Collector's Case and new series 4, head over to

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Wow, look at all those Num Noms! Yes, our daughters have a lot of them too... and yeah that's a really cool case, haven't seen those in stores yet


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