Tuesday 26 December 2017

BABY Secrets - the new collectible to spend your Christmas money on ! (review)

Before the kids have had a chance to decide what to spend their (not very) hard-earned Christmas money on, there's a new cute collectible hitting the shelves : Baby Secrets. If your kids love LOL Surprise, which was tipped as one of the biggest sellers this Christmas, they'll love Baby Secrets too.

We received some of the BABY Secrets Single Packs, which are the perfect way to start your collection. Each one comes with one baby, one bath tub, a birth certificate and a collector’s guide.

The bath tub is great for playing with your new baby but it also reveals the secret part of the name - the nappy changes colour in water so you'll find out the sex of your baby !

As with all successful collectibles, each character has a unique personality and accessories. From painter baby complete with a paintbrush, to party baby with a sash and a party hat, they each come ready to share their own secrets. Discover the cutest and cheekiest babies in town – who will be your favourite?

There are 50 babies to collect so far, but I'm sure there will be further series released in the future. With a £2.99 price tag, they're perfect as pocket money toys once all the Christmas money has been spent.

The birth certificates remind me of Cabbage Patch Dolls, which were hugely popular when I was a kid back in the eighties.

As well as the single packs, there are four BABY Secrets Activity Packs to add to your collection: Pram Pack, Bassinet Pack, High Chair Pack and Rocking Horse Pack. The packs come complete with two exclusive babies, one surprise baby, a bath tub, three birth certificates, a collector’s guide and either a high chair, rocking horse, pram or bassinet. 

BABY Secrets is available from The Entertainer, Smyths, Argos and Toymaster.

To find out more, visit the BABY Secrets HQ: www.babysecrets.co.uk
PopJam channel: @BABYSecrets

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


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