Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Choc On Choc Melt & Make Chocolate Egg Heads review

It was only a few weeks ago but, with the sad events here at The Madhouse, it seems like a lifetime ago that the kids had fun trying out the Choc On Choc Melt & Make Chocolate Egg Heads kit.

Inside the box, you get a big bag of Belgian chocolate chips, some sweets for decorating your egg heads and a plastic mould to make four half eggs.

The back of the box has simple instructions with very few words and lots of pictures so that even young children can get involved and understand what they have to do.

Pierre tried out the paper chef's hat but decided it was playing havoc with his trendy new haircut so he soon took it off ! After a quick glance at the instructions, he was off, pouring the chocolate chips into a bowl, ready to melt them in the microwave (or bain marie if you prefer).

The instructions suggest lining the moulds with a little oil to give them a glossy finish and make it easier to get them out without breaking them. We did find that this made it hard for the chocolate to "stick" all the way up to the top of the moulds though, as it had a tendency to slide down and pool in the bottom. As you can see, we weren't overly worried about getting a clean, professional finish though, so this wasn't a problem.

We put them in the fridge for half an hour to set and they came out as in the picture on the left. You need to remelt the chocolate in the bowl and add another layer, put it in the fridge then repeat so you have a triple layer of chocolate that covers the whole mould fairly evenly. I took the picture on the right just before pressing them out because I had visions of a Masterchef-style disaster in the making with broken eggs.

Well, it was fairly successful. As you can see, we got three halves because one broke, but that's not a problem because you just remelt the chocolate and start all over again. The surface isn't smooth and glossy but we were happy enough with it.

As there are three Madhouse kids and only four half egg moulds, we made more so that we would have enough for one each. There were plenty of chocolate chips to achieve this without scrimping.

The instructions suggest warming a baking tray (we used a plate in the microwave) so that you can lay the edges of the egg halves briefly on it to melt them and stick them together. This worked well, but you have to move fast or the heat from your fingers starts melting the chocolate of the eggs. We had just enough chocolate left to use as "glue" to stick on the sweets as funny faces. 

The kids all had great fun making them ... and eating them. They were proud of their creations and we've kept the moulds so that we can make more.

RRP : £12 (10% off for first order if you sign up to their newsletter)

for more information : https://www.choconchoc.co.uk/

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. It looks like they had great fun! The end results are fantastic. I bet they tasted yummy too x

  2. Great job, Pierre and Juliette! Melting chocolate is an art. I managed to ruin white chocolate a few times, when trying to melt it, as it sort of curdles and solidifies. This looks like a fun project to do on Easter holidays.

  3. Wow yummy looks like they enjoyed making them

  4. Very well done to your children, those eggs look very tasty. xx

  5. My youngest is a chocoholic and would love to make these xx

  6. Definately getting these next Easter


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