Wednesday, 28 March 2018

L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise review

We've already reviewed several products from the L.O.L Surprise! range - L.O.L. Surprise! Series 1,  L.O.L. Surprise! Series 2,  L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 Lil Sisters and most recently the L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop - but nothing compares to the latest limited edition addition : L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise.

You may not be able to tell from the first picture, so here's another one with Juliette's hand to give you an idea of scale - it's a whopper !

Juliette soon found the "zipper" strip of plastic and the unwrapping began.

As the name suggests, the outer plastic case is a beautiful shimmery, pearlescent turquoise colour.

The bottom flat part is imprinted with the L.O.L. Surprise! logo.

Once you break it open, there are six spheres ready and waiting to be cracked open to reveal their surprises.

Juliette tipped them all out and started popping them open.

Here's what we discovered : two complete outfits, made up of skirts, tops and shoes. Very cute and we loved the shell bikini design on the pink top, recalling the sea theme of the Pearl Surprise name.

There is also a big sticker, showing two dolls : a big and lil sister. Would these be the ones inside? And what's with the bubbles on the pink and yellow background?

Aha - that's what it was referring to ! The biggest surprise in the Pearl Surprise - and I have to say, even I was impressed. A humungous shell-shaped bath bomb !

The two pieces of the outer case can be set up as a bowl and stand for you to dissolve the bath bomb in. Juliette started pouring over some water and it instantly started fizzing like a mad thing !

I've never seen such a fizzy bath bomb, and that's coming from someone who was a total Lush addict in my younger days !

Ooh hang on - what's this? Blue plastic starting to peek through the bath bomb ...

The kids couldn't resist dipping their fingers into the hubbly, bubbly, fizzy liquid and helping peel off the final parts of the bath bomb to reveal the secret treasure inside.

The instructions do warn that it can stain clothes and skin and you shouldn't put your L.O.L. Surprise! dolls in the bath bomb water to avoid colour transfer. Juliette did end up with pink and yellow hands but it came off later when she had a bath.

So here is what was hiding inside ... a plastic shell. And what would be hiding inside that? We love the way you still get the layer-by-layer surprises of the original L.O.L. Surprise! but with a twist.

Here they are - the belles of the (big pearly) ball ! A matching pair of big and lil sisters, plus the classic water bottle.

We rinsed out the bowl and used fresh water to discover the final surprise. Would she change colour, cry, wee or spit? Juliette squished her underwater and discovered that she's a spitter !

After dressing her up in her cute little outfit, we used the outer shell to pack away the contents of this  L.O.L Surprise!, as well as the rest of Juliette's collection. It's a great way of keeping them all in one place.

The bath bomb surprise adds great wow-factor, so any  L.O.L Surprise! fan would be over the moon to receive one. Juliette loved it and I'm sure this would get a very warm reception as an alternative to Easter eggs. Prices apparently vary hugely online - the cheapest place I've seen is the The Entertainer which respects the RRP of £29.99 and is actually quite a good price but some on amazon are retailing at £70 ! - so compare prices before you buy. 

RRP : £29.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. £70 seems ridiculously expensive

    1. It does indeed - I never understand how amazon work out their prices !


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