Sunday, 3 June 2018

#KitchenClearout May roundup and June linky

The weather is still pretty unsettled - we've had lots of storms here recently - but there's no doubt about it, we're heading into the summer, which means the fridge is full of salad ingredients that invariably need using up quickly. I predict lots of salad and summer fruit recipes coming from me over the coming weeks. In the meantime, this month was a real mixed bag again - just the way I like it !

Starting us off with Keshi Yena, or Cheesy Chicken in Jerk BBQ Sauce, which is a dish from the island of Aruba, was Jess from Jess Eats and Travels.

Jess followed up with dessert - a scrumptious Roasted Banana Gelato which would be a great way of using up over-ripe bananas.

From Aruba to Mexico, with some Barbacoa Beef, made for a #readcookeat challenge, that used up a rib-eye steak that had been lurking in the freezer, as well as a seasoning sachet.

The next day, I used up the leftovers in these scrummy Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Barbacoa Beef Burritos, which used up lots of odds and ends from the cupboards.

Jane from Onions and Paper was next with a wonderful-looking dish with a wonderful down to earth name : a sort of paella-y thing ! This used up all sorts of odds and ends from the fridge.

Elaine from Fun As A Gran shared her Dairy Free Healthier Krispie Cakes, which used up some Shredded Wheat. I made some very similar Rice Krispie cakes today to use up a box of cereal - they're so quick and simple to make and the kids never fail to demolish them within minutes !

Staying on the chocolate theme, Jess was back with an Australian recipe with a twist : Chilli Chocolate Pavlova.

From Australia to Austria, Jess also shared her recipe for Best Pork Schnitzel.

In honour of the Royal Wedding, a retro-style Coronation Chicken sandwich filling was next, which is perfect for using up the leftovers from the Sunday roast chicken.

Some slightly wrinkly apples lurking in the fruit bowl were transformed into these simple but ultra tasty Cinnamon Roll Apple Tarts.

Another simple but tasty option was these Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sliders, which used up another seasoning sachet that was lurking in the cupboard, as well as the remaining white cabbage in coleslaw.

An exotic recipe all the way from Azerbaijan next - Jess's Strawberry Sharbat looks like a great summery drink and would be ideal for using up a glut of strawberries.

As well as putting big smiles on the kids' faces, Nachos were a brilliant way of clearing out the fridge - cherry tomatoes, avocado, carrots, ... it can all go in there !

Waste not, want not ! The remainder was used up the next day in a surprisingly popular Leftover Nacho Salad, that the kids couldn't get enough of. Genius !

Thanks to everyone for linking up and sharing your ideas again this month. Hopefully we've given you some inspiration for creating tummy-fill, not land-fill, with the odds and ends lurking in your kitchen.

Feeling inspired and fancy joining in? Have a rummage through your kitchen cupboards, spice rack, freezer or fridge and see if there's anything that needs using up, then come and share your creations with us. Or if it's way past its sell-by date, throw it in the bin and come and tell us what you found ! It would be great if you could add my badge and a link to this post for anyone else who wants to get involved.


  1. Another great round-up Cheryl! xx

  2. Great idea of using the over-ripe bananas to make icecream!

  3. Finally got something written for the June linky. :)

    1. Yay, off to have a look now - I don't know where the time is going at the moment !


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