Monday 4 June 2018

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2018 week #23

I almost forgot to post this week's menu plan online, not because I haven't written it, but because I treated myself to a "home organiser" bundle in Paperchase and it had a menu plan pad in there so I wrote it out by hand. It's always useful to be able to access it online though, so I'm copying it here too. Well, I survived the hectic London school trip last Friday, but I still have Dover Castle this week and Canterbury next week, as well as several after-school meetings, to get through. Only a month to go then it's time to bring on the holidays though ! So this week, I need some quick and simple options, including some that the kids can throw together themselves.


lunch - leftover chicken, veg and roast potatoes, with gravy

dinner - steak & gnocchi with salad


lunch - school canteen

dinner - red kidney beans with chorizo and rice


lunch - pasta bake (bolognese probably with mozzarella on top)

dinner - sausage casserole with mash & veg


lunch - school canteen

dinner - salmon for me, chicken nuggets for the kids - with boiled potatoes & Mexican veg


lunch - school canteen

 dinner - fridge grazing for the kids - there should be leftovers, if not sandwiches


lunch - fast food - too much squabbling over whose turn it is so I'm choosing this week ! Might go for a family restaurant rather than a fast food joint for a change

dinner - homemade pizzas


lunch - Sunday roast - probably chicken again

dinner - the in laws will be here so they can choose

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