Thursday, 18 October 2018

Series 2 Gross Zuru Smashers review

There was much excitement at The Madhouse recently when the postie dropped off some new toys for Pierre to play with and review that are perfect for Halloween. Along with the Zuru Smashers Sludge Bus, we received a pack of Smashers - an eight-pack of eyeballs to crack open to reveal the collectibles inside.

Unsurprisingly, these were what appealed to Pierre the most, and he instantly opened the pack and started clowning around with the creepy eyeballs !

He soon wanted to see what was lurking inside them though, and starting shattering them to reveal the creatures inside. 

There are over 100 characters to collect in total, including ‘Odd Bodies’, ‘Icky Insects’, ‘Ooze Dudes’, ‘Awful Animals’, ‘Filthy Food’, ‘Toilet Humour’, and ‘Smash Trash’, with rare, ultra-rare see-thru characters and playset exclusive characters to collect.

Pierre was very impressed with the little critters, and I can see him putting his pocket money towards buying more for his collection.

Now, moving on to the Sludge Bus - this ingenious play set opens up and reveals all sorts of icky weirdness inside. Yes, that is indeed a toilet that you can see there, perfect for flinging your Smashers characters into !

You actually get a springboard to help with this and Pierre has been having great fun, flinging his characters all over the place - both into the toilet and all around the room in general !

You get two exclusive characters in this play set, including a super hero poo ! 

Speaking of which, you also get a squishy poo, complete with little maggots that come out of both sides when you press it. Ewwww !

It's a fun kit with all sorts of things going on, bound to appeal to the toilet-humour of any kids aged about 5 onwards.

SMASHERS Series 2 is available nationwide. Prices start from £1.99 through to £19.99.

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. My kids love all these little collectables

  2. I was looking to get my nephew some of these. Thanks for the review

  3. I'm sure my Son would love these. He loves collecting stuff!

  4. I'm surprised my Megan hasn't asked for these yet, she loves the collectible toys, she has shopkins, hatchimals colleggtibles, magiki fairies, secret surprise babies, twozies, lol pets, lil sisters, and big sisters, the list goes on, they do look like lots of fun xxx

    1. Oh, I hear you ! Still, it makes it easier to buy stocking stuffers ! lol


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