Sunday 16 December 2018

Make-your-own Crystal Card Kit from Craft Buddy review

When the Madhouse kids were younger, they always loved getting out their paintboxes and felt tips and creating their own, completely unique Christmas card masterpieces for their friends and families. Now that they are older, with Pierre into double figures next birthday (gulp !), they've outgrown the finger painting and abstract artwork stage, but we have discovered a new product that's great as a home-made option for older kids and even artistic adults : the DIY Crystal Card Kit from Craft Buddy.

The Crystal Art concept, commonly known as ‘diamond painting’, is a universally popular craft that is suitable for adults and children aged about 8+. Having partnered with renowned artists such as Claudia Hahn (award-winning BBC wildlife artist), Randal Spangler (USA) and Kentaro Nishino (Japan), Craft Buddy Ltd have established the craft as a growing trend across mainstream Europe over the last 12 months.

Everyone knows the concept of “painting by numbers” and it has been well-and-truly updated and brought into the modern day as “bling by numbers” !

Using the pick-up pencil, simply lift the flat-backed crystals and place them onto the adhesive
card for instant stick. The results are sparkly, beautiful cards, either in a Christmas, Valentine’s
or birthday theme. We found it quick and simple to pick up and were very impressed with the results. Check out this YouTube video to see how it works.

The therapeutic benefits of Crystal Art are proven, with its ability to lower stress levels, increase attention span and develop cognitive skills. By combining Crystal Art with the tradition of cardmaking, the spirit of Christmas is given a unique twist. It's a lovely way to while away an afternoon in the run up to Christmas.

The DIY Crystal Card Kit is available from For more information on Crystal Art, visit

Disclosure : We received the product, in order to write an honest review.


  1. Lovely idea! I haven't heard of Crystal cards, but it's something Eddie would enjoy doing for sure.

  2. I have never heard of diamond painting or seen this brand. A lovely product.

  3. These look fab

  4. Here you can find some of the finest craft kit wholesale collections. They are both safe to use by kids and adults.


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