Tuesday 11 June 2019

Lucky Fortune bracelets collectibles review

Crack ‘em, Wear ‘em, Find your Luck and Share ‘em ! Welcome to the wonderful world of Lucky Fortune, the latest range of collectibles from WowWee (the makers of the top-selling Fingerlings brand) that are designed to look just like fortune cookies. 

Inside each pack, you'll find a double-coloured fortune cookie that you can crack open to reveal its secrets : a cute charm bracelet, along with a paper fortune for good luck. You also get a Collector’s Guide which can be folded up as a Fortune Teller toy and the packaging also doubles up as a key chain with a little compartment for special keepsakes. I love the way everything is reused and recycled, to keep waste to the strict minimum.

The bracelets are very cool and will appeal to tween and even teen-aged girls (here at The Madhouse, both 14 year old Juliette and 17 year old Sophie approved !) plus, of course, any boys who want to gift them to their girlfriends and friends. There are 100 different bracelets to collect, with four levels of rarity, as well as a coveted Ultra Lucky real gold-dipped four-leaf clover to add extra excitement. The charms are regrouped into five categories, covering happiness, friendship, love, success, and adventure. They sound like the perfect life goals to me !

 Available from June 2019, Lucky Fortune retails at £4.99 each.

Lucky Fortune by WowWee is distributed by Jazwares in the UK.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to share our honest review.


  1. How cool! What clever people they have at WowWee. The children adore Fingerlings and I'm sure they will adore these, too.

  2. This looks interesting! Thank you for the review.

  3. Super sweet bracelets! such a great idea and something to keep for years to come x

  4. These look sweet my daughter would probably love them


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