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October 2019 "Home Comforts" Degustabox review

The end of the month is ticking around again, which means that it's time for another Degustabox delivery. What would be hiding in this month's box? Well, lots of tasty goodies actually, as this month's box has a "Home Comforts" theme.

As you can see from the first peek at the contents of the box, this one has lots of products to help beat the autumnal chill that has been in the air lately. There are all sorts of things for preparing hot teas, flavoured coffees, hot chocolate and soup - all perfect as winter warmers. Time for a closer look.

Tick Tock Tea (RRP £2.05 - subscribers received one box but we got all three) are one of Britain's most loved independent tea companies and they have recently launched these three new wellbeing teas. Bounce is a naturally caffeine-free blend of invigorating lemongrass and ginger, lively cinnamon and fresh green rooibos, perfect for putting a spring in your step throughout the day. Balance will help body and mind maintain their natural poise with its blend of cleansing fennel and aniseed, all-virtuous turmeric and antioxidant-rich, gentle rooibos - a supportive drink with warming spices, earthy aromas and an effortlessly clean finish. Bedtime offers a comforting night-time cup with calming camomile and lemon balm, dreamy lavender flowers and soothing rooibos and honeybush - perfect to unwind and relax as you get ready to tuck yourself into bed.

Growers Garden Fresh Broccoli Crisps (RRP £1.29 - subscribers received one flavour whereas we got all three) are a new snack option that was launched this year. Made by real farmers, each pack contains 27% fresh broccoli - a fact that I hid from the Madhouse kids who aren't keen on it when I cook it, and they wolfed them down ! Each pack contains less than 100 calories, is low in saturated fats, gluten free and vegan. They are available in four flavours - naked, with cheese, with chilli and with sour cream and chive.

Snatt's Garlic and Parsley Mediterranean Baked Snacks (RRP £1.49) are another snacky nibbles option that met with the Madhouse kids' approval. These delicious oven-baked snacks are made with 100% natural ingredients, are vegan and contain no MSG or palm oil. The kids were happy to nibble on them straight from the bag but they can also be topped with anything from houmous and guacamole to cheese spread, if you like. They would also be lovely dipped into soup.

Speaking of which ! There was also a tin of Amy's Kitchen Hearty Organic Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup (RRP £2). Packed with organic ceci beans (that's Italian for chickpeas), vegetables, brown rice, mushrooms and traditional herbs, this recipe was inspired by the European travels of their head chef. It's free from most allergens (gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, soy free, corn free, tree nut free), as well as being vegan and kosher. It's lovely as a quick and simple meal when you need something to warm you up.

Maille Mustard With Honey (RRP £1.99) offers the perfect blend of sweet honey and tart, warming mustard. The sweetness offsets the harshness of many other mustards, making this a great family-friendly choice. We loved using ours as a marinade for pork chops but it can also be served with welsh rarebit, cheese or chicken. 

Maille Tartare Sauce (RRP £1.99) is a luxurious twist on the classic tartare sauce with the addition of shallots, offering a savoury sweet note. It's lovely with fish dishes or can be stirred into mashed potatoes for a delicate twist. If you want more ideas, Maille's Instagram feed features some of the best French food inspiration using their products.

Another product from a well-known French brand, Teisseire Gourmet Drops (RRP 2 x £3.99) are the perfect alternative to sugar-heavy syrups in your coffee or baking. We got two flavours, Chocolate and Vanilla, which are vegan-friendly, sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free and fat-free. Born out of a passion for the best quality ingredients and an expertise at concentrating rich flavours, they will offer a guilt-free dash of flavour to everything from hot chocolate and milk to cakes and cookies.

Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Coins (RRP £1.50 - subscribers received one item) are perfect for a no-fuss gourmet treat - just unwrap one and melt it into 200ml of any kind of milk for a delicious, flavoured treat to warm the cockles of your heart ! We got Hazelnot (nut-free) Praline and Orange flavours, which were all much appreciated. There are various other flavours available, including Raspberry, Mint and Black Forest - hmmm ! Hand-made in Wales since 2015, there are options for almost every dietary need and desire.

Upbeat Drinks Juicy Protein Water Blood Orange and Mandarin (RRP £1.79) is one of a new range of drinks that offers a whopping 12g of protein while being sugar free and bursting with the sweet flavour of fruit. Perfect for accompanying your lunch or gym session or just for hydrating you on-the-go. I loved the refreshing citrus flavour.

Cadbury Boost + Protein (RRP £1.49) offers protein crisps enrobed in layers of chewy caramel and delicious Cadbury chocolate. Each bar provides 12g of protein and above all, tastes delicious. Yum !

Clarks Original Maple Syrup (RRP £2 for 180ml) is a natural blend of Pure Canadian Maple Syrup and Carob Fruit Syrup, which means you get a delicious maple syrup for 45% less sugar than refined white sugar (per 100g). It tastes just as sweet and delicious as regular maple syrup and is perfect for porridge and pancakes on a wintry morning or as an after-school treat.

Whitworth's Shots Chocolate and Hazelnut (RRP £1.89) are great as a healthy snack option that the kids can stuff in their coat pocket or grown-ups can keep in their bag/car glovebox. 

This shows what we got in one pack - a lovely blend of sweet and juicy raisins, crunchy hazelnuts and delicious milk chocolate buttons. Perfect for munching on the go, although they'd also be great for using as a topping on yogurt or adding to cookies. Even better news, each pack comes in at just under 100 calories .

We loved everything in this box, which has a focus on warming snacks and treats - perfect for this time of year.

 A subscription to Degustabox costs £12.99 per month including delivery, with each box having a value of much more than that, but the great news is, I have a discount coupon code for you which means you'll get the first box for just £7.99 - enter code PKUFE at the checkout.

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Disclosure : We received the box in order to write an honest review. As a Degustabox blogger, I receive all of the products that go into the monthly boxes, but subscribers may not get exactly the same selection.

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