Tuesday 29 September 2020

Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club review : BrainBox The World

What do you think the odds are on making it all the way to Christmas without heading back into another lockdown? Well, if you'd asked me a few weeks ago, I'd have said it was unlikely, but as things progress, I have to say I'm not so sure. It may not be another full lockdown, but if you start showing Covid signs or if you come into contact with someone who has it, you may have to spend some more time in confinement. Maybe with the kids ! You definitely need to invest in some more games to keep them occupied, just in case !

This month's pick from the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club is perfect, because it combines a fun game with an element of learning. Kids (and even adults) will have fun examining the cards to find the answers, learning about the different countries of the world and also improving their concentration and fact-finding skills.

The instructions in the box have two versions, one for playing on your own and one for playing with two or more players. If playing by yourself, look at the picture side of the card for ten seconds, then flip it over and try to answer all of the questions, writing your answers down on a piece of paper. If you get them all right, you keep the card. If you get one or more answers wrong, it goes back in the pack. See how many cards you can win in five or ten minutes.

If playing with multiple players, the youngest player picks a card, then studies the card for ten seconds using the timer. You can flip it over again for an extra ten seconds of observation to help out the younger players. Pass the card on to the next player and roll the dice to see which question they will ask you. If you get it right, you keep the card. If your answer is wrong, it goes back in the pack. Who will end up with the most cards and be declared the winner?

Even older players can learn a lot about some of the newer countries, as they (umm ... OK, we !) never learnt anything about places such as Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina at school because they didn't even exist back then ! Younger players will also love the fact that no prior skill or knowledge is necessary. They can win just by having good observation skills and remembering what they've seen on the cards. It's great motivation and they won't even realise they're learning !

It's great option while travelling too, as no complicated equipment is needed and there is no board to set up. You could even play without the dice, allowing the next player to select the question, if space is limited in the back of a car or on a train or plane. 

There are 68 countries covered by the cards, with facts to learn about capitals, flags, food, buildings, internet, sports and animals. When you eventually get to know all the answers too well, fear not. There are oodles of other BrainBox games available that will appeal to everyone, for everything from British history and science to football, maths and Peppa Pig !

RRP : £12

1+ players, age 8+

Disclosure : We received the product in order to share our honest opinion.

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