Monday 14 September 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 37

We stuck to the menu plan all week last week, then veered off at the weekend as plans changed. Juliette went to her friend's house for a birthday sleepover on Saturday so me and Pierre used up leftovers, then I bought a whole chicken to roast for Sunday, so there will be leftovers on Monday. This week should be a bit quieter (hopefully !) as all the start of term rushing about has been done - thank goodness for that !


lunch- leftovers or fridge grazing - I think I'll have a sandwich. Ham and cucumber sounds good to me :) Then chilllll, it's my afternoon off ! :)

dinner - Time to use up the leftover chicken, roast potatoes, veg and gravy from yesterday. Maybe made into a pie or curry, depending on what's left.


dinner- I have some prawns for me and Juliette, which I will serve with pasta, herbs and cream. Pierre doesn't like prawns so he can have pasta with ham or hot dog sausages instead, unless there is still some chicken from Sunday


lunch- I have some veal fillets. I think I'll chop them up and fry them with onions and tomatoes, throw in some spices, then serve it with rice.

dinner- Cottage pie


dinner-  leftover cottage pie


dinner - Crispy chicken fillets for the kids, trout for me, with ratatouille & rice


lunch- McDonald's probably or whatever's in the fridge

dinner- Cauliflower cheese for me and Juliette - hopefully there will be leftovers for Pierre. If not, I'll cook some pasta and he can have that with some of the cheese sauce. Ooh I think I'll put some baked potatoes in to cook at the same time. They'll come in tomorrow.


lunch- There will be leftover cauliflower cheese and the baked potatoes from yesterday. I think I'll go for twice-baked potatoes - scoop out the inside, mix with cooked bacon, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, then restuff and top with cheese. Doesn't really go with cauliflower cheese but never mind, I'm sure Juliette won't mind ! lol

dinner- Pizza

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  1. I'm glad things are a bit quieter for you now. Enjoy your afternoon off.
    Great meal plan! You make such good use of all of your leftovers x

    1. Thank you ! We usually have a day at the end of the week when I just throw all the leftovers in the pot and lob in a can of tomatoes (depending on the leftovers, obviously !)

  2. ohh i love cauliflower cheese such a lovely meal enjoy

  3. I love cottage pie. I seem to be enjoying more hearty meals just lately. Great job of using up the leftovers too!
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon off. :)

  4. Sounds like a delicious week! You can't beat a nice roast chicken can you! So hearty!

    Thank you for linking up. Really sorry I'm missing the meal plan this week but we've been unwell and the week just has run away with me. Normal service will resume next week!

    1. Aagghhh we've been feeling ill this week - hoping it's just a cold and not covid ! Look after yourselves xx


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