Monday 21 December 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 51


I haven't been shopping yet so this plan may well switch around a fair bit, depending on what they have (or haven't) got in the local shops, but it's better to have a plan all the same ! 


lunch- pork chops with rice & frozen veg

dinner -sausages & mash 


lunch- beefburgers (maybe in buns), chips & coleslaw

dinner- slow-cooker Spanish chicken with couscous


lunch- spaghetti bolognese

dinner- fish, rice & coleslaw


lunch - chicken & mushroom pies, boiled potatoes & veg (or maybe coleslaw, if there's any  left to use up)

dinner- I'm thinking a nibbly "party tea" - crisps, peanuts, mini quiches and other nibbles, olives, chorizo, carrot sticks, chicken wings ... as tonight would be the traditional Christmas meal here in France, but we're doing things the English way !


lunch- Christmas dinner ... hopefully of the turkey variety but we will see !

dinner - turkey sandwich, or any other leftovers/nibbly bits, if anyone is hungry !


lunch- turkey & veg pie with mash

dinner- leftovers? or maybe pizza, for something non-turkey related !

dinner- sandwiches or toast

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  1. I love party food style dinners and good luck with the shopping hope it goes ok xx

    1. I managed to get a turkey with a date beyond the 25th ! Woohoo ! lol

  2. What a tasty week of meals.
    I love seeing what other people are eating over Christmas.
    Have a wonderful week and a merry Christmas x

  3. I have been given a HUGE crown by Tesco, think we'll be eating turkey for weeks haha! Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for linking up x

  4. Wow, gorgeous menu! Merry Christmas x


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